TIDA-080007 DLP Auto Headlight Reference Design

Description This reference design details the design of a control board for the DLP5531-Q1 DMD. The DLP5531-Q1 DMD is a spatial light modulator with...
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High Voltage Boost and Inverting Converters for Communications

The field of electronic communications is rapidly expanding into every aspect of ordinary life. Detection, transmission, and reception of data require a wide array...

How does a capacitor work for an energy meter?

A capacitive power supply is the best solution for a low-cost energy meter. It works on the principle of reducing the line voltage (voltage...

Brushed DC Motor Driver with speed control and stall detection: Reference Design

Description This reference design demonstrates a brushed DC (BDC) motor driver solution for a vacuum robot main wheel and main brush, which can detect a...
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Advancing battery management for healthcare energy storage systems

Abstract Battery monitoring systems are fundamental enablers of different markets. Batteries play a key role in a range of applications, from going the extra mile...
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Two Terminal Bipolar Power Supply: Reference Design

Introduction A 2-quadrant power supply—one that provides a positive or negative voltage to the same output terminals—can easily be produced using the LT8714 4-quadrant controller....

Non-magnetic AC/DC power supply: Reference Design

When creating an industrial power supply, one of the most common challenges is transforming the AC voltage supply into a DC voltage supply. Changing...

Enabling condition-based monitoring solutions with Sensor performance

Advancements in semiconductor technologies and capabilities are enabling new opportunities to sense, measure, interpret, and analyze data in industrial applications and, in particular, condition-based...
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