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Multichannel Clocking Reference Design for DSO, Radar, and 5G Wireless Testers

Description The TIDA-01021 design is capable of supporting two high-speed channels on separate boards by using TI’s LMX2594 wideband PLL with integrated VCOs to generate...
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Isolated DC power with Integrated Signal and Power: Working and Design

Description This TI Design provides a compact solution capable of generating isolated DC power while supporting isolated RS-485 communication. The TIDA-00892 consists of a reinforced...

An Effective Method for Characterizing System Bandwidth in Complex Current Sensor Applications

Introduction Driving high frequency, high amperage current in a controlled manner can prove challenging. Even when the right equipment is available, the application’s uniquely complex...
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Understanding PulSAR ADC Support Circuitry

Introduction Successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) use various new techniques for improved resolution. Understanding how these devices work is important in preventing malfunction...

Vehicle Current Measurement: Working and Design

Working with six to 96-series cells in a battery. TI has battery management system reference designs built around its BQ79606A-Q1 precision battery monitor and...

IC Design: Preparing for the next node

INTRODUCTION Despite all the rumors of Moore’s law dying or falling behind, it seems that most of the semiconductor industry continues to push forward to...
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Evolution vs. revolution: the building blocks of automotive body electronics

In the past few generations of automobiles, there have been significant advancements in vehicle traction systems and other systems that provide road, vehicle, and...
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MAXREFDES96#: Single-battery charger and fuel gauge with boost for arduino platforms

Introduction The MAXREFDES96# is an Arduino Uno R3-compatible board that provides battery charge, boost, and data-logging capabilities. The board can be operated tethered to a...
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