Efficiency, Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Reference Design for UPS

1  Description The TIDA-00951 design provides a reference solution for a 2-kW isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter capable of power transfer between a 400-V DC...
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Working of a Cost-Effective In-Vehicle Infotainment System

Description This automotive reference design is based on TI’s Jacinto DRA71x processor and focuses on system level cost savings. The six-layer design reduces PCB costs...
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Boost, Single-Output, DC-DC Converter: Working & Design Specification

Introduction The MAX1606 is a step-up DC-DC converter that contains a 0.5A internal power switch and a 0.5A output isolation switch in an 8-pin µMAX...
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Server Efficiency could be improved with Advanced Control Electronics

Power-management methods and three-phase BLDCs for cooling reduce data-center energy use. This note discusses emerging energy-conservation strategies and examines some of the Allegro products...
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Reference Design for Various LED Ring Lighting Patterns

Description This reference design enables human-machine interface scenarios with an LED ring that utilizes two LP5024 LED drivers to create vivid lighting patterns. Design helps...
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Understanding Electromigration and IR Drop in Semiconductor Chip Design: Challenges and Techniques

Abstract As we push through lower technology nodes in the IC and chip design, the wire width goes thinner along with transistor size. This makes...
Asset Tracker

How to make Small Asset Tracker Last Longer

New, low-power data connections are sparking a proliferation of asset tracking solutions, thanks to their low cost of deployment. The effects can be seen...
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Bi-directional dual-active-bridge CLLLC resonant converter reference design

Description The PMP21495 reference design is a 6.6 kW bi-directional dual-active-bridge resonant converter reference design that allows 380 VDC to 600 VDC input and...
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