How Cybercriminals Are Building an Army of Things, Creating a Tipping Point for Cybersecurity : Report by Fortinet

Research Reveals Constantly Changing and Sophisticated Avenues of Attack Targeting Evolving Technology Infrastructure Enabled by a Fast-growing Underground Cybercrime Economy

Fortinet the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announced the findings of its latest Global Threat Landscape Report covering Q4 2016. The research reveals that 50% of malware exploits in India occurred in the last 3 months of 2016. With India moving towards a cashless digital economy the last two weeks in December, 2016 recorded a very high level of  threat activity which interestingly was not observed globally. The most attacked industry was Banking & Finance which received 15 times more hits than the second-placed Information Technology industry.

The research also reveals the methods and strategies cybercriminals employed in detail and demonstrates the potential future impact to the digital economy. The question, “What’s my biggest threat?” remains difficult to pinpoint as old threats resurface, but new, automated and high-volume attacks arise.  Highlights are

 Infrastructure Trends and How They Relate to Threats

  • An Army of Things Powered by the Digital Underground
  • Automated and High-Volume Attacks Are Prevalent
  • Ransomware Isn’t Going Anywhere

Report Methodology

The Fortinet Global Threat Landscape report represents the collective intelligence of FortiGuard Labs during Q4 2016 with research data covering global, regional, sector, and organizational perspectives. It focuses on three central and complementary aspects of the threat landscape: application exploits, malicious software (malware) and botnets.

 Read more details about the report on our blog and view the video or infographic

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