Cost and Time Efficient Programming of Cypress EZ-USB FX3 Controllers

GOEPEL electronic has developed a special software option for the use of the VarioTAP emulation technology on Cypress USB 3.0 controllers. The EZ-USB FX3 can now be tested and programmed much more efficient due to special model libraries. Users also benefit from cost savings for additional test and programming equipment.

The libraries known as VarioTAP models are modularly structured as intelligent IP (Intellectual Property) and enable a complete fusion of programming and testing via the processor’s debug interfaces as well as chip-embedded instruments on a uniform platform.

The controller comes in a BGA or WLCSP package with up to 121 pins and can be adapted via the JTAG interface. Since the controller does not support Boundary Scan, only the emulation technology VarioTAP can be run via the JTAG interface. Thus the VarioTAP  model offers the currently only option to integrate the controller into the board test. More information:

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