Bentley Systems greets ComplyPro’s to Advance Progressive Assurance

    Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a leading global provider of comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure, today announced that it has acquired the assets, colleagues, and services underlying ComplyPro, leading provider of UK-based managed services for requirements management of infrastructure capital projects. The new ComplyPro team at Bentley Systems will be led by its founder, Chris Rolison. Development of software and services will continue in Birmingham, UK, and sales activities will be merged into Bentley Systems’ offices worldwide. Existing ComplyPro users can be confident of continuously broadened functionality, with progressive assurance a valuable new capability within the Connected Data Environment shared by Bentley’s ProjectWise and AssetWise offerings.

    Chris Rolison launched ComplyPro in 2005 and brings to Bentley Systems decades of experience in improving project assurance and compliance functions. In addition to his ComplyPro responsibilities, Chris is joining Bentley’s OpenRail Task Force to help bring to digital railway programs progressive assurance benefits, from systems-engineering-based conception through operations. ComplyPro users will benefit from the expanded scope of resources and integration across CAPEX and now additionally OPEX asset lifecycles.

    About the acquisition, Comply Serve founder Chris Rolison, said, “My ComplyPro colleagues and I are excited to join Bentley Systems. I have long regarded Bentley’s comprehensive approach to software provision for advancing infrastructure to be where the potential for progressive assurance can be most effectively and timely realized.”

    Bhupinder Singh, Bentley’s chief product officer, said, “Users we share with ComplyPro, such as Crossrail, have stressed to us the potential benefits to asset program owners that could result from the integration of their requirements management and compliance management functions within Bentley’s project delivery and asset performance solutions. Now we can continue to learn from the cumulative and ongoing experience of existing ComplyPro users, as they further apply cloud services across their TOTEX lifecycles. As

    AssetWise CONNECT Edition now joins ProjectWise CONNECT Edition, this provides the ideal opportunity for us to implement the full scope of progressive assurance advancing, through digital engineering models, to asset performance modeling. We welcome Chris Rolison and our new colleagues from ComplyPro to contribute to the continuous realization of this new BIM advancement for our Connected Data Environment.”

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