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    Axis Communications launches upgraded functionality to AXIS S3008 Recorder for surveillance experience

    Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, recently introduced its latest feature, the AXIS Companion Video Management Software as an invaluable addition to the recently launched AXIS S3008 Recorder. Compatible with all Axis products with firmware 5,50 and later, this comes with an added advantage for customers as they can have a tailor-made solution to assist them basis their needs.

    The upgraded functionality of the AXIS Companion allows effortless round-the-clock vigilance over the security system and all videos, with real-time alert notifications in instances where there is any suspicious activity with customization capabilities. This easy-to use VMS is designed and validated to perfectly match any Axis’ products and is compatible for both single site as well as multi-site surveillance systems with up to 16 installed devices per site. It also ensures a tight integration of network cameras, audio and door stations.

    Key attributes of AXIS Companion include:

    • Easy and intuitive surveillance
    • Alert notifications
    • Flexible user management
    • Mobile app for anytime access
    • Seamless integration of audio and video
    • Flexible and reliable recording solutions

    Sudhindra Holla, Director, Axis Communications, India & SAARC commented, “Innovation has always   been at the core of our organization and the propelling factor for our growth. The pandemic has intensified the need for smart solutions and surveillance technology across different verticals to act as a strong backend support for enterprises. As technology has become more pervasive, the updated version of the software will enhance and bring additional value to our customers and provide more functionality for improving business operations and augment users need.”

    Furthermore, it is user friendly and customizable in terms of set up and implementation and allows for round-the-clock control over the security system and all video irrespective of the user’s location.

    AXIS S3008 Recorder is a recent launch by Axis Communications that provides integrated PoE switch that can accommodate up to 8 cameras and high-performance recorder. This high-performance recorder offers gigabit uplink for video recordings in ultra-high definition. Additionally, for enhanced cybersecurity, the footage can be accessed from anywhere with the Axis Secure Remote Access technology.

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