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    Avnet Showcases Complete System Approach for Embedded Vision in Vietnam

    Avnet Asia Pacific has brought its Embedded Vision TechDays seminar series to Asia following a successful launch in Europe last month, kicking off in Vietnam’s Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on November 7 and 9 respectively.

    As Vietnam sets its sights on becoming a developed nation by 2020, it has generated demand in infrastructure projects such as security products and systems that require embedded vision solutions. To address the needs of the growing embedded vision market, Avnet has initiated a series of events to provide a platform to share the latest technologies in embedded vision to Vietnamese engineers, purchasers, and business owners.

    “Vietnam is a high growth market at the front of the curve in terms of tech manufacturing and it’s one of our key markets in Asia. With our technical expertise and global network of technology partners, we enable developers and companies in Vietnam to innovate, differentiate, and reduce time-to-market,” said Frederick Fu, President of Avnet Asia Pacific.

    “Major advancements in automation and sensor technology as part of our increasingly interconnected world have made embedded vision one of the fastest growing trends in the electronics industry, giving rise to a wave of IoT innovations and applications. At Avnet, embedded vision is one of our focus areas that is driven by our technical expertise and global network of technology partners. We provide a complete system approach to support the growth in embedded vision, from system-on-modules to proven reference designs that move development directly to production,” he added.

    Augumented Reality

    From augmented reality applications in mobile phones to self-driving cars, embedded vision is changing the way humans interact with electronic devices and becoming increasingly pervasive in various IoT applications today. New advancements in computer algorithms and machine learning are expected to fuel new and enhanced applications that will impact nearly every industry — from industrial, medical, security, and automotive to consumer.

    Among the many innovative solutions that Avnet has brought to the market, one of the solutions showcased was the Avnet-designed multispectral imaging platform for surveillance applications. It overlays video feeds to deliver a smart camera sensor reference platform that picks up heat signatures from the human body as bright red spots in the output video. By leveraging the Picozed Embedded Vision Development Kit that includes hardware, software and IP components necessary for the development of custom video applications, embedded engineers, system architects and FPGA engineers can develop smart camera video applications faster and more efficiently.

    Avnet also introduced the latest technologies in embedded vision applications with its strategic partners, including:

    • Infineon — radar sensing for movement detection
    • NXP Semiconductors — industry-leading video and audio with i.MX8
    • ON Semiconductor — IoT development kit for energy efficient innovations
    • Renesas — Synergyprofessional solution accelerates embedded development, with scalable microcontrollers using cloud connection
    • STMicroelectronics — STM32 Chrom-ART accelerator for outstanding graphical capabilities
    • Texas Instruments — flexible hardware, software and tool options for IoT applications
    • Xilinx — solution for responsive and reconfigurable embedded vision systems

    Avnet offers a connected ecosystem of support and resources for customers to stay ahead of the IoT curve. Avnet integrates the products of leading processor, an image sensor, and software tool suppliers into a cohesive solution, and supports users to move from development to market. Breakthrough embedded vision applications that Avnet has developed include visual solutions for factory automation, robotic systems on high-speed production lines that learn to identify product defects and object recognition solutions that are essential for industries like manufacturing and security.

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