ASM Academy Award Win Highlights Digital Learning Platform’s Ahead-of-the-Curve Significance

    ASM Assembly Systems (ASM) is honoured that its ASM Academy online training resource has received Circuits Assembly magazine’s NPI Award, an accolade that was announced during its recent virtual awards ceremony. Declared the winner in the Training Materials category, ASM Academy has effectively set the benchmark for deep on-demand digital learning experiences, enabling skills development for thorough equipment and software management and maintenance.

    Providing scheduling flexibility and addressing various learning styles, ASM Academy is a modular, multi-sensory interactive virtual training portfolio. High-resolution graphics, animation, step-by-step coaching, video instruction and tutorials deliver a robust learning experience in a customizable format that currently contains over 150 modules supporting more than a dozen SIPLACE placement and DEK stencil printing equipment platforms and software programs. ASM Academy is presently available in four languages (English, German, Chinese and Spanish) with more coming, and several of the technical modules offer virtual reality (VR) ‘hands-on’ features for a realistic experience.

    Recognizing the global requirement for comprehensive, on-demand training with 24/7/365 access, ASM began the development of the novel technology in 2018 and officially launched ASM Academy in early 2020. The platform’s significance and relevance were further underscored during the COVID pandemic when live, in-person training was restricted.

    The aim of ASM Academy from the beginning was to provide versatile, in-depth equipment and software training that aligns with the scheduling demands of modern-day smart factory professionals. That objective was achieved and the resource was already being widely embraced at its debut in January 2020 receiving the award from Brandon Hall and Docebo for the excellent virtual learning content. Soon thereafter, restrictions imposed by the pandemic made digital training materials even more critical for electronic manufacturing operations, and ASM responded. In addition to many other measures initiated to support its customer base during operational limitations, ASM extended complimentary access to ASM Academy as part of its Time4Academy program. More than 4,000 customers in over 27 countries leveraged the training courses, which allowed upskilling of critical production staff in preparation for the return to full-scale manufacturing.

    ASM is grateful to contest host Circuits Assembly magazine and the NPI Award program judges for recognizing ASM Academy’s importance –especially over the past year — as well as its long-term benefit for the wide deployment of essential instruction. ASM continues to expand and fine-tune the ASM Academy resource, which is the leading platform for e-learning in the electronics manufacturing space.

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