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    Anritsu submits Thunderbolt Receiver Test Solution


    Anritsu Corporation submits Thunderbolt Receiver Test Solution GRL-TBT3-RXA calibration and receiver test software developed in cooperation with Granite River Labs (GRL) for use with Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A series at Q1 ‘16 Thunderbolt Plugfest in Taiwan.

    Using this test solution supports calibration of the complex test signals required for evaluating Thunderbolt devices to lighten the workload of test engineers.

    Data traffic is increasing explosively due to the spread of smartphones, mobile terminals and 4k video streaming. Achieving high-speed, large-capacity data transfers requires technologies for speeding-up networks and devices, as well as faster interfaces between high-end computers and peripherals. The receiver test for PHY devices*2 using high-speed interfaces uses a stressed signal with added transmission loss, jitter, etc., to assure compatible connectivity. The next-generation Thunderbolt 3 standard increases the bit rate per lane to 20.625 Gbit/s, which requires even higher precision calibration and measurement.

    Calibration of receiver test signals uses complex procedures to control multiple parameters, including Emphasis control*3 of test signals, addition of multiple jitter types such as SJ, RJ, and SSC*4, and addition of common-mode noise, etc. Additionally, at device verification, it is important to control these functions within a specified range assuring good reproducibility.

    Consequently, reducing the complexity of test signal calibration at receiver tests not only requires automated control in accordance with test specifications, but also requires measuring instruments with assured excellent reproducible performance for bit error rate measurements, low intrinsic jitter and noise, high input sensitivity, etc.

    Anritsu and GRL are releasing this new solution to meet these test needs by automating complex test signal calibration.

    This receiver test solution uses a combination of the MP1800A, noise-generating signal source, and real-time oscilloscope controlled by the GRL-TBT3-RXA software to lighten the workload of test engineers by automating calibration of complex test signals for jitter tolerance testing.
    Additionally, the MP1800A is a wideband BERT with good performance including excellent waveform quality and input sensitivity, supporting not only high-reproducibility Thunderbolt receiver tests, but also evaluation of high-speed serial interfaces, such as 100GbE, InfiniBand, etc.
    This new solution combining the GRL-TBT3-RXA software and MP1800A hardware simplifies receiver test calibration for jitter tolerance tests with good reproducibility to improve device evaluation efficiency.

    GRL-TBT3-RXA Software Features

    ・Calibration of high-reproducibility test signals for receiver testing
    ・Interface for easy setting of measurement conditions and testing
    ・PDF format reporting function
    Contact: Madhukar Tripathi, Anritsu India Pvt Ltd, Tel: 120 4211330-31-32, Cell: +91 9310 666 466, Email,

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