All new high-quality coaxial connectors designed for automated pick and place manufacturing techniques

    Cambridge Electronic Industries, the specialist designer and manufacturer of high-quality coaxial connectors and cable assemblies for the broadcast, machine vision and medical markets, announces their first range of connectors designed for automated pick and place manufacturing techniques.

    This industry leading range, which is marketed under Rapid ConneXions, includes Right Angled and End Launch, BNC and Micro BNC connectors. The Rapid Connexions range is part of the world renowned CoaxVision precision 75 ohm brand. All of the connectors within the Rapid ConneXions range are specifically designed for automated placement onto the PCB in rapid assembly and volume production environments.

    • C-SX-201 Right Angled Surface Mount Micro BNC Socket (for automatic placement)
    • C-SX-202 End Launch Surface Mount BNC Socket (for automatic placement)
    • C-SX-200 End Launch Surface Mount Micro BNC Socket (for automatic placement)

    All of the connectors are 12G-SDI and CXP-12 compliant and are fully compatible with reflow processing. The connectors are available with different PCB locking post lengths, to suit variations in board thicknesses and all feature Pin in Paste posts for electrical termination of the connector body, while also providing extra stability in the process manufacturing environment. The PiP pins are sized not to protrude through the PCB.

    The BNC connectors are supplied individually or in pick and place waffle trays of 36 connectors, while the Micro BNC connectors are supplied individually or in a tape and reel of 650 pieces.

    Surface Mount Technology coaxial connectors offer benefits over traditional Plated through hole styles in that Stub losses are minimised and EQ and Drive silicon can be placed in the same plane and adjacent to the connector centre pin PCB termination. The connector is mechanically held by two locking posts which locates the connector during processing. Each connector has been designed with an optimum centre of gravity for automated placement machines and with an insertion force of less than 8N.

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