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    For 200°C automobile: Murata to bring Lead type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed the RHS series of lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors for automobile use at maximum usage temperature of 200°C. The rated voltage lineup includes 200Vdc and 500Vdc, and the range will be expanded hereafter. These products are primarily meant for use in equipment located in severe temperature environments such as the engine compartment  of an automobile. Production starts in May 2017.

    The new Murata product applies a coating of newly developed heat resistant resin around a highly heat resistant multilayer ceramic capacitor, allowing use at a 200°C maximum temperature. The company expects to expand sales of products for equipment mounted in high temperature environments such as engine rooms.


    Complies with AEC-Q200 and therefore the lead wire type capacitor can be connected by welding or “crimping” close to a noise generating source.
    Passes the extreme surge test of the ISO7637-2 standard.

    Electrical Performance:-

    Usage Temperature Range: -55°C~200°C
    Temperature Characteristics: 7J Characteristic (See table below.)

    Standard Temperature
    Temperature Range
    Temperature Coefficient
    25 -55~25 -750 +120/-347
    25~125 -750 ±120
    125~200 -750 +347/-120
    Rated Voltage: 200Vdc and 500Vdc
    Electrostatic Capacity: 100pF~0.01uF
    About Voltage/Temperature Derating:-

    When the temperature of the product is to exceed 150°C, usage should be with reduction of the voltage to be applied to the capacitor for the rated voltages shown below.

    External Dimensions:-

    LxW: 4.0×3.5mm or 5.5×4.0mm (Determined by the combination of rated voltage and electrostatic capacity.)
    F: Can be selected from either 2.5mm or 5.0mm

    lead type, Ceramic Capacitor
    For more information, visit Murata’s website at
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