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Magical new current sensor will make power supplies smaller and cheaper

Power supply circuits are literally everywhere. From the ubiquitous power bricks that recharge our phones to kilowatt server supplies in data centers, every modern...
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Video: Getting Started with STM32G0

The STM32G0 is our newest series of mainstream microcontrollers (MCU) for cost-oriented consumer and industrial applications. This new generation offers an Arm Cortex-M0+ core at 64...

How robotics may enable an automated future for intelligent manufacturing industry

Recognised as one of the most important trade shows for industrial automation in South China, SIAF will return to the China Import and Export...
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Gartner’s identification of Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2019

Augmented analytics, continuous intelligence and explainable artificial intelligence (AI) are among the top trends in data and analytics technology that have significant disruptive potential over the next three...
EV Revolution

How the New India Moves: An Unexpected and Unprecedented EV Revolution is Taking India...

A slew of partly open-air vehicles line the streets outside the Delhi’s metro’s Saket station. The misty mornings of early January have failed to...
Power Analyzers

The Best Power Analyzers in the Market Today

Power analyzers are test instruments that are becoming increasingly important within the electrical and electronics industries as all aspects of power used by equipment...
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Advanced packaging is at the heart of innovation

The semiconductor industry showed impressive figures in 2017: +21.6% YoY growth to reach about US$ 412 billion. Without any doubt, the industry is entering...
Reflow Ovens

The 5 Best Reflow Ovens in the Market

Reflow ovens have seen tremendous evolution over the years, starting from Infrared heating technology to more modern iterations of closed-loop convection. ELE Times brings...
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