wireless charging

Wireless Charging: Complete Solutions With Dedicated Microcontrollers, Mosfets, Drivers And IP Software

There are a number of challenges for designers of wireless charging products. In addition to issues associated with the magnetics, they have to deal...
Grid Energy Storage

High-Power Batteries for Electric Vehicles and Grid Energy Storage Applications

Let’s take a look at the newest high-power batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and grid energy storage applications being produced by Tesla at its...

Five Things Time Sensitive Networking Does to Support the IIoT

TSN provides deterministic performance over Ethernet. The ongoing development of time sensitive networking has resulted in significant updates to both the IEEE 802.1 and IEEE...

MUSIC-Based Algorithm for On-Demand Heart Rate Estimation Using Photoplethysmographic (PPG) Signals on Wrist

Imagine a world in the next few decades where your grandchildren didn’t know about the word hospital and all your health information was recorded...

7 Breakthrough Technologies 2018

A new technique in artificial intelligence called GANs is giving machines imagination; artificial embryos, despite some thorny ethical constraints, are redefining how life can...
Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence can Help Revolutionise the World’s Education System

Artificial Intelligence is tipped to bring a tectonic shift in the world. People have debated over its usefulness in great lengths and detail. Today,...

One-Dimensional material Paves the Way for a New Breakthrough in Modern day Electronics

In a major breakthrough, prototype devices made of an exotic material that can conduct a current density nearly 50 times more than the conventional...
Mesh Network Technology

Selecting the Appropriate Wireless Mesh Network Technology

Mesh networks provide an ideal technology to implement and enhance a number of applications, such as building and home automation, lighting systems, and retail...
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