Electronics Design Houses in India

Electronics Design Houses in India: Designeers upsurge the Indian electronics design industry

Any dish is as tasty as its chef prepares and garnishes it. The same goes with electronics designing segment, a product is as good...

New flexible battery technology could be ideal for wearable, texitile applications

Researchers from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) have developed a novel textile lithium battery technology to overcome several roadblocks including flexibility, energy density,...

Finding Semicon: Optoelectronics made easy with Triazine-based graphitic carbon nitride

Researchers have explored a new material in the carbon-nitride family. Triazine-based graphitic carbon nitride (TGCN) is a semiconductor that should be highly suitable for...

Ideal 2D transistors created from ultra clean damage free fabrication platform

An ideal transistor made from a 2D material stack has been demonstrated by the Columbia Engineering researchers. The material stack is made with only...

Artificial intelligence can help diagnose rare diseases

Researchers from the University of Bonn and the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin have shown that artificial intelligence can be used to diagnose rare diseases more...
nanocomposite main

The brand new nanocomposite beats the heat in electronics

Researchers at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering invented a nanocomposite, which is a promising high-temperature dielectric material for flexible electronics, energy storage and...
5G and AI

5G and AI: The Perfect combo of future communication and connectivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI), in its store has a lot for many applications, but the velocity and speed have been a drawback against more widespread...
eye main

Introducing a new Artificial Intelligence agent who can do what a human does

The University of Texas-based computer scientists have enabled an artificial intelligence agent to do something, which can be done only by humans. This research has...
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