Wearable Technology and its Health Applications

Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement Remains Just Out of Reach

According to the International Diabetes Federation’s 2015 report, an estimated 415 million people suffer from diabetes. That year, one person died every six seconds...
Cyber Risks

Battling Cyber Risks with Intelligent Automation

Organizations are losing the cyber security race. Cyber threats are evolving faster than security teams can adapt. The proliferation of data from dozens of...
Femtocells Architecture

Femtocells Architecture & Network Aspects

Femtocells are small, user-installed base stations that enhance coverage for in-building cellular services. The new paradigm introduced by femtocells also brings unique challenges, namely...
Secure Fuel Gauges

How Secure Fuel Gauges Can Prevent Battery Counterfeiting

While cloned battery packs might seem like a cost-effective option, they typically aren’t made with the protective and safety features that their authentic counterparts...
Thermal Management

Thermal Management to improve reliability and prevent premature failure

When you watch a movie on your laptop, the fan almost immediately starts to sound like a jet engine, and feels warm enough to...
Nano Electronics

Nano Electronics and Sustenance of Moore’s Law

An increase in the component density of electronic items has revolutionised the entire electronics industry. In the quest of miniaturisation of devices, manufacturers have...
analog main pic

Isolated Power Converters would now support Class B System

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced its latest generation of reinforced isolated power converters, setting a new benchmark for low component-level radiated emissions allowing systems to...

Technoxian , A New Way for Budding Robotics Engineers

All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA) has organized Worlds’s largest Championship on Robotics, TECHNOXIAN’18, which is also supported by Ministry of Science...
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