yole main

Advanced packaging is at the heart of innovation

The semiconductor industry showed impressive figures in 2017: +21.6% YoY growth to reach about US$ 412 billion. Without any doubt, the industry is entering...
Reflow Ovens

The 5 Best Reflow Ovens in the Market

Reflow ovens have seen tremendous evolution over the years, starting from Infrared heating technology to more modern iterations of closed-loop convection. ELE Times brings...
Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing: What, Why and Where is it trending?

In today’s world, cognitive computing is a buzzword encompassing a plethora of technological approaches that automatically extract concepts and relationships from data, understand their...
5g vs loRa

5G vs LoRA: How Narrowband Technologies are the Right Alternative to 5G

Today's latencies on existing networks are far too long to support IoT applications such as connected cars or smart factory processes. A nationwide 5G network...
lanxess main

High-performance prepolymer technology for hot melt adhesives

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS will be attending the In-Adhesives Symposium in Munich this year with an expert presentation. Ronald M. Emanuel, Jr., Senior R&D...
stmicro main

The First Electronic Power Breaker for 12 V bus keeps Home Appliances in Check

The STPW12 is an electronic power breaker that connects in series to the 12 V DC rail and disconnects the load if the power exceeds a...
5G services

5G: Marketing Hype or Commercial Reality?

With the Mobile World Congress 2019 show only weeks away, many handset vendors will release details of their first 5G smartphones. Conversely, most operators...
wireless solutions

Simplifying the IoT through highly-integrated wireless solutions

Wireless connectivity is ubiquitous; an invisible technology that has changed the networking infrastructure and is now enabling the IoT. The implementation of wireless data...
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