Chip wakes up device only when it needs

A new power saving chip has been developed by the engineers of University of California San Diego, that could significantly reduce or eliminate the...

All new metallic material unveiled for soft robots

A team of NUS researchers has developed a novel method of creating a new metal-based material for use in these soft robots. 'Origami robots' are...

Breaking and restoring graphene’s symmetry in a twistable electronics device

A recent study from the labs of James Hone (mechanical engineering) and Cory Dean (physics) demonstrates a new way to tune the properties of...

Unleashing the tiny antennas for wearable electronics

When it comes to electronics, bigger usually isn't better. This is especially true for a new generation of wearable communication systems that promise to...

Graphene paves the way, the more it’s bent, the softer it gets

Researchers from the University of Illinois combine atomic-scale experimentation with computer modeling to determine how much energy it takes to bend multilayer graphene, a...

All new SECORA ID allows to run Java Card based applications on smart cards

Electronic identification documents (eID) are high in demand worldwide. To address the evolving needs of the market in a fast and flexible manner, Infineon...
Digital City

Accelerating Focus on Infrastructure Engineering for Digital Cities

The Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference – Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading global provider of comprehensive software and digital twin cloud services for advancing...

Material Scientists overcome major hurdle by upgrading perovskite cells

Materials scientists find inorganic compounds quench defects in perovskite-based solar cells and expand their tolerance of light, humidity and heat. Rice University scientists believe...
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