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    Zyxel Unveils Outdoor Enclosure for Indoor Access Point

    Zyxel, the global leader in next generation networking solutions has unveiled a weather-resistant enclosure which brings Zyxel indoor Wi-Fi AP outdoors and enables the AP to be easily mounted on any wall or pole.

    The durable enclosure is designed to withstand a wide range of temperature from 50°C to -20°C, waterproof the APs with certified IPX5 rating and extend lifespan with the UV stabilized plastic, which makes it the best weatherproof enclosure.

    The compact size of the enclosure helps it blend in any environment seamlessly and easily while its UV stabilized plastic extends the lifetime of the enclosure. The IPx5 rating also makes Zyxel indoor AP weatherproof.


    Salient Features:

    • Compact size

    Blends in any environment, seamlessly and easily.

    • Flexible mount design

    Can be deployed, wall mount or pole mount.

    • UV stabilized plastic

    Extends enclosure lifetime.

    • IPx5 rating

    Makes Zyxel indoor AP weatherproof.

    The enclosure is compatible with the following Indoor Access Points:

    • NWA1123-ACv2
    • NWA5121-N
    • NWA5121-NI
    • NWA5123-AC
    • NAP102
    • NWA1123-AC Pro
    • WAC6103D-I
    • NAP203
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