Wi-Fi SDK with Apple HomeKit is available from Microchip

Fully-certified Software Development Kit leverages hardware-based calculations to create fast, low-power solutions providing an optimised customer experience

The Wi-Fi SDK also offers unrivaled hardware security features due to its hardware cryptography-enabled microcontroller. The CEC1702, a low-power but powerful, programmable 32-bit MCU offers security measures such as secure boot which allows equipment manufacturers to establish a hardware-based root of trust to protect against a security breach. Developers can also leverage integrated security features such as easy-to-use encryption, authentication, private and public key capabilities and customer programming flexibility to minimise application risk. Additionally, the CEC1702 features 480 KB SRAM code plus data, which gives developers ample code space for the HomeKit protocol as well as their application-specific code.

“The increasing popularity of home automation with consumers necessitates connected designs to react instantly when a command is issued,” said Ian Harris, vice president of Microchip’s computing products group. “Consumers don’t have the patience to wait several seconds for their device to pair every time they want to unlock their front door. Our Wi-Fi SDK provides pairing speeds of less than one tenth of a second along with industry-leading security features such as secure boot that are crucial for development in the smart home market.”

Development Support

Developers can begin designing their application with the new SecureIoT1702 development board which includes the CEC1702 MCU, a compact, high-contrast, serial graphic LCD display module, push buttons and two expansion headers compatible with the MikroElektronika mikroBUS Expansion interface. When paired with a WINC1510 Wi-Fi click board and a separately available MFi chip, the SecureIoT1702 board and Wi-Fi SDK provide MFi licensees the basic building blocks to create HomeKit applications.


  • The SecureIoT1702 development board is available for purchase
  • The CEC1702Q-B1-SX MCU is available in production volume in 10,000 unit quantities
  • The ATWINC1510 Wi-Fi module is available in production volume in 10,000 unit quantities

To get more information on the platform or to request access to the Wi-Fi SDK, contact applesupport@microchip.com

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