AI may increase sales of home security systems

When home security systems were first introduced, they seemed to be pretty much revolutionary in terms of technology. However, today hundreds of companies are...
artificial intelligence

Accelerate AI implementations with new step-by-step guidance built directly into software

Pegasystems Inc., the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, announced Next-Best-Action Designer – an intuitive AI configuration wizard that makes...
Artificial Intelligence In Social Media

Advanced AI program better at detecting depressive language in social media

A new technology using artificial intelligence detects depressive language in social media posts more accurately than current systems and uses less data to do...
Smarticles Robot

Shape-shifting robot built from ‘smarticles’ shows new locomotion strategy

Building conventional robots typically requires carefully combining components like motors, batteries, actuators, body segments, legs and wheels. Now, researchers have taken a new approach,...

Expansion of new AI wide learning technology to support optimized action plans

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited announces the expansion of its "Wide Learning" technology with an innovative AI tool to automatically deliver optimized action plans for users...

Accelerated factory automation uplifting the gains of industrial robot controller market

A recent research study, unveils that the industrial robot controller market valued at ~US$ 632.6 Mn in 2018 and is projected to increase at a CAGR...

All new distributed servo drive system nacelle adjustment in wind turbines

The AMP8000 distributed Servo Drive system is ideally suited for adjusting the nacelle of a wind turbine. AMP8000 integrates the servo drive directly into...

New self-folding, origami inspired ‘Rollbot’ can change its shape

In the world of robotics, the soft robots completely rely on the external power and control, keeping them tethered to off-board systems or rigged...
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