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    Why Green Technology Adoption is Critical for Organizations in Post-COVID World

    COVID pandemic and lockdown have caused enormous interruptions to economies and the livelihoods of people. We have seen and will be seeing a massive effect on millions of jobs worldwide including India. It’s a time to convert possibilities to opportunities. The post-COVID world will present different scenarios for many businesses and one can’t operate businesses as before and we will need a technology adoption that will not only help in the economic recovery but also benefit our people and environment. This is where not only making Green Noise but adopting Green Values and technology will support us navigate through the ongoing challenging times.

    We will need technologies that will allow us to take steps to bigger changes to help create a greener future and we all need to work together to get the sustainable message out there. Sustainability is all about adopting new behaviors, practices, and ways of living that will better support our planet’s health. There is much talk about how technological innovation will shape sustainability. But no brand or technology will build credibility in the marketplace unless it is true. They will just get lost in green noise.

    Three broad things in green technology adoption will define the new way the businesses in the post-COVID world will operate – the adoption of digital equality and environmental responsibility into strategic plans, formation of green alliances, and making sustainability a part of the company’s genetic code.

    Adoption of digital equality and environmental responsibility

    Brands should come forward and pledge their commitment to a greener planet and inclusion so that every person can benefit from the digital revolution and they should set targets and track net-zero carbon emissions soon. Companies should adopt green technology measures in their strategic plans that will pave the way for an economic recovery benefitting people and the planet. There is a need to scale up investments in “green” businesses, or profit-oriented activities that provide environmental benefits.
    A World Economic Forum study shows that investing in nature-positive models –industry actions that add value to ecosystems and biodiversity – could add up to $10.1 trillion in annual business value and create 395 million jobs by 2030.

    Form ‘Green’ alliances

    COVID-19 has caused the most significant absolute drop in emissions ever recorded and the largest relative fall since the second world war. It would be nice to say it is sustainable. But we all know that lockdowns and remote working got us to this figure. Many global economies are rebounding very quickly to pre-COVID emissions figures, and our planet is already suffering as a result.
    There is a dire need for organizations to form major ‘green’ alliances with their stakeholders. The organizations should form tie-ups among themselves, to help local communities, manufacturers, and other entities to reduce their energy requirements and the impact on the surrounding environment.

    Organizations that have expertise in green technology should also guide and train other firms on environmental management standards and practices. This will help further enhance the adoption of green technology in the post COVID world.

    Sustainability should be in the company’s genetic code

    As you would expect, new technologies are pivotal to the vision of eliminating the effect of greenhouse gases and achieve net carbon zero emissions. Sustainability is now at the top of every technology company’s agenda. Climate change is the biggest long-term risk we all now face
    Adoption of sustainable solutions should be now of utmost importance to any organization. Investments in green technologies will be good for economies and livelihoods in the long run especially for the post-COVID world. We have seen that recent trends suggest that sustainable investments have been resilient during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Organizations should be working actively working with their customers to create a more sustainable future. Part of an organization’s remit should be to show exactly how they contribute to sustainability in terms of innovation and technologies that better manage their limited resources. They should be able to demonstrate how real business challenges can have successful green business outcomes.

    Towards a greener world

    It is a big ask, but it is achievable. We need to make better use of the natural elements we have, such as solar and wind, using innovative technologies. This will take time. But the more promotion and publicizing can educate, explain, and attract industries to smart, sustainable technologies. The nearer we will get to that zero-greenhouse gas emissions goal and the healthier our planet will be.

    It is about time that businesses rethink their strategies post the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 and help steer the economy on a more sustainable growth trajectory by investing and adopting more green technology solutions.

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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