Energy device for wireless nodes, wearables by Murata

UMAL is a low-profile, high capacity energy device designed to meet the demand for a slim high capacity energy source. According to developer Murata, UMAL has charge/discharge and life cycle characteristics superior to conventional secondary batteries.

With a nominal voltage of 2.3V DC, the device can supply 12mAh with a maximum discharge current of 120mA. Capable of withstanding load fluctuations, the device has an internal resistance of 200m and can operate in temperatures ranging from –20 to 70°C.

Murata says the device is capable of fast charging and requires a nominal supply of 2.7V DC. High-rate discharge characteristics are said to obviate the need for a peak-assist capacitor. With a charge capacity recovery rate of more than 90% after 5000 charge/discharge cycles, UMAL has a chemically stable composition.

Measuring 2 x 14 x 21mm, UMAL is also suitable for use in wearable designs.

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