Vishay Intertechnology Adds Industry’s First Ferrite Bead Impedance Calculator to Website

Vishay Intertechnology announced that its Vishay Inductors Division has introduced the industry’s first online ferrite bead impedance calculator. Available at, the time-saving online tool makes it simple to find the impedance of Vishay’s most popular surface-mount ferrite beads at any given frequency and calculate the effective impedance at the stated frequency with DC bias applied.

To help designers easily incorporate Vishay’s surface-mount ferrite beads into any application for filtering, the new calculator eliminates the need to determine impedance information from the Z vs. frequency graph in product datasheevishayts. As applied DC lowers the effective impedance of the ferrite bead due to saturation, the new tool also removes the guesswork in determining how much impedance is reduced. This helps designers achieve the desired circuit impedance without having to experiment with several different values.

The new ferrite bead impedance calculator can be used with Vishay’s surface-mount ferrite beads in the 0603, 0805, and 1206 case sizes.

For more information visit:

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