Omron unveils Panel Solutions to enhance operational efficiency of control panels at manufacturing sites

    Moving ahead with its product line expansion strategy, Omron Automation has announced addition of upgraded panel solutions to its portfolio. The solutions endeavour to increase operational efficiency and address the need of cost saving at manufacturing sites by downsizing facilities or equipment.

    omThe solutions are engineered to address the next generation requirements of control panels. It comprises of lighter, slimmer and short-bodied components which aid in reducing the size of facilities, equipment, floor space as well as a decrease in the cost of logistics. The advanced and customised design results into a considerable saving of dead-space (by almost 50%) and also augments the width between wiring ducts further leading to a compact control panel. The panel solution range comes with push-in terminal design which help customer to reduce the panel wiring time and hence saves overall operation time. This provides more flexibility in design changes and component additions, hence, facilitating future expansion plans.

    Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sameer Gandhi, MD, Omron Automation, India says, “Control panels play an integral role in the manufacturing ecosystem. They are also fundamental to automation and process control systems. A manufacturing site with robust operations surely needs such innovative solutions to achieve efficient production to further enhance the business ecosystem.  Considering their importance, I believe these value-additions will surely find a positive response from our customers. Omron is well-positioned in the panel solutions market and this expansion in range would give further boost to our brand penetration and reach in Automation and Infrastructure markets.”


    One of the key requirements of a sturdy panel is a maintenance friendly design. Omron solutions are crafted to increase the product lifespan by controlling the heat dissipation and improving air circulation reducing hot spots in the control panel which in turn improves the reliability of panel components, reduces failure rate, and increases the life span of the product leading to further cost savings.
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