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    Vicor to present on powering AI & ML at 2019 Mouser Technical Roadshow in Mumbai

    Vicor Corporation’s Regional Sales Manager, Ravi Kumar will be discussing the advantages that advanced power architectures and innovative packaging can deliver when trying to meet the soaring power demands of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Vicor, an innovator in the power industry, has expertise in 48V power conversion.

    ravi kumar
    Ravi Kumar, Regional Sales Manager, Vicor


    Event: Evolution of IOT in Connected vehicles and smart manufacturing

    Date: June 28, 2019

    Location: Mumbai

    Venue: Novotel Mumbai

    About the Mouser Technical Roadshow

    The 2019 Mouser Technical Roadshow Series highlights cutting-edge technologies that are transforming our world. This year’s Roadshow highlights are Home Automation, Industrial IoT, Digital manufacturing (industrial processors), Smart mobility solutions, Augmented Reality, Smart factories and buildings, Connected Infrastructure, Embedded security, Robotics, Smart cities and Energy management. The Roadshow will make stops in 5 cities: in Banglaore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

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