Vicor and Mouser Debut New Resource Site for 48V Designs

    Mouser Electronics announces the launch of a new resource site in collaboration with Vicor, providing a range of resources for 48 V products and power designs. The site offers a collection of in-depth articles, videos, and infographics, offering designers and manufacturers a comprehensive resource to develop new power designs with higher voltage 48 V distribution.

    Unlike many common 12 V systems, 48 V systems can support the higher power levels needed to deliver increasing levels of performance and functionality. As power increases, 12 V buses become less efficient and consume more space and weight for cables to carry higher currents. 48 V systems eliminate these space and weight inefficiencies by drastically reducing currents and power losses.

    The new 48 V resource site features a recent installment of Electronic Engineering Journal’s Chalk Talk video series, which provides an easy-to-understand overview of the benefits, history, and applications of 48 V solutions. The site also highlights 48 V products from Vicor, connecting engineers directly to the solutions needed for these advanced power designs. Vicor 48 V architectures offer a substantial reduction in I2R losses and convert directly from 48 V to the load voltage without first regulating to 12 V, benefitting many industries, including UAV, robotics, and rail.

    The 48 V site also features links to informative product information, videos and more, including an article that explains why power designs are transitioning from 12 V to 48 V. The article analyzes the benefits of 48 V power designs as well as the various applications that could be transformed by this technology.

    Mouser offers a wide range of Vicor products, including power supplies, power management ICs, and filters as well as DC-DC converters, such as the DCM DC-DC converter modules. Vicor’s DCM modules are high-power-density, isolated and regulated devices that feature up to 600 W output power and more than 93% efficiency.

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