Toshiba opto-couplers have integrated ADC

ToshibaToshiba has announced two new digital output isolation amplifiers for current and voltage sensing in power converters. The TLP7830 and TLP7930 achieve high accuracy through the inclusion of a delta sigma analogue-to-digital converter (ADC).

Accurately monitoring the phase current of motors and BUS voltage fluctuations is essential when providing feedback to the microcontrollers used in factory automation equipment if they are to achieve high-precision operation. To meet these requirements, Toshiba has equipped the new devices with a delta sigma ADC at the input side that enables the devices to achieve a high level of linearity of 4 LSB (typ.)@INL.

TLP7830 and TLP7930 provide a guaranteed Common Mode Transient Immunity of 20kV/us (typical @VCM=1kV, Ta=25˚C), and this enables stable operation in electrically noisy environment ensuring they are particularly suited for motor control applications. The optical barrier guarantees an isolation voltage of 5000Vrms (minimum). The devices have been designed to support a wide operating temperature range of -40˚C to +105˚C.

A choice of two package types are available: TLP7930 is supplied in an industry-standard DIP8 package and the TLP7830 is available in a new compact SO8L package, which takes up 30% less board space and features a 40% lower profile.

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