Miniature oxygen sensors have four-second response time

Miniature oxygen sensorsThe Zirconia Miniature series of oxygen sensors from SST Sensing are five-pin devices with a response time of four seconds covering an oxygen range from 0.1% to 100%.

According to the company they can operate in oxygen pressures from 2mbar to 3bar with good accuracy and linearity.

Target application areas for the devices are combustion control in industrial boilers, ensuring the quality of perishable goods in transit, controlling industrial composting processes, and in both oxygen generating and inerting systems in aircraft.

The zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) based sensors can generate reliable data over a long operational lifespan, inchallenging of environments, claims SST.

They can operate in temperatures up to 400°, high humidity conditions and oxygen pressures and the company says they do not suffer from depletion over time, so repair and replacement costs are reduced.

Conventional zirconia oxygen sensors rely on either an oxygen ion pump or the Nernst Effect, the SST sensors incorporate both mechanisms in tandem.

This improves performance and provides the diagnostics needed to allow any effect on system performance to be promptly identified and addressed and removes the need to include a sealed reference gas or temperature stabilisation system.

The reduces the size of the device and makes it more versatile, while simplifying recalibration.


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