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    Top Technology Trends in the Pharmaceutical

    The world is moving forward to Technology and Science. Every day new discoveries and researches are taking us one step closer to the future with many wondrous technological trends and advancements. Technological growth has brought a revolution in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    The pharmaceutical industry has seen a transformation in research and development with the introduction of many advanced technology trends helping doctors and patients alike. Technology is being used for providing more effective solutions for fighting Cancer, AIDS, Ebola and more.

    The effective availability of high-end healthcare services has proved vital in the growth of this Industry. So, we have listed down the most innovative trends and technology that has paved the ways for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

    Pharmaceutical Industry Trends:

    Online Consultation (Telemedicine, Telehealth):
    These have helped patients get easy access to health-related services and information through telecommunication and electronic information technologies. There are so many apps that provide doctor’s consultation and have proved as effective as meeting doctors in person. Apps like MDLIVE, Lemonaid, LiveHealth, PlushCare, Amwell, Practo and more. This eliminates the problem of geographical barriers.

    Predictive Diagnosis:
    Based on the symptoms and signs, Big Data and predictive analytics detect the health of the patients. This method saves time and can be taken by anyone. Driven by the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), these algorithms can be fed with the patient’s history as well as real-time data to make meaningful predictions.

    AI in Healthcare:
    Several Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools help in providing positive results to patients. AI advises digital healthcare solutions with more favourable upshots and high-level treatments.

    AI-Based technology keeps a good record of a patient’s health conditions, from observing the body pulse, temperature, and several activities that help ensure individual’s stats are under constant check while decreasing the burden of the medical professionals. It also smoothens the customer chatbots service that allows patients to spontaneously fix their doubts concerning medicines, treatments and payments.

    E-Learning in Healthcare:
    Internet learning is the newest trend rising in the pharma industry. It is an easy way to upskill and reskill oneself with recent developments in the medical industry. The most popular reference e-learning apps for healthcare practitioners are Medscape Mobile, Human Anatomy Atlas, and Brainscape. Computer-learning, Augmented Reality, VR Simulations are various types of E-learning.

    Pharmaceutical Industry Technologies:

    Body Sensors:
    These sensors are placed on the body or inside the body. They measure several critical vital organs and hence in detecting untraceable problems.  

    3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing:
    It is a method of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. An object is created layer by layer with the help of addictive processes. 

    AR and VR:
    AR is used in healthcare departments across the world today, for applications that include surgical visualisation, vein visualisation, and education. VR simulations are used as a way to help doctors better empathize with their patients. They are used in surgical preparation, patient illness education and therapy.

    So, these are the trends and technologies boosting the Pharmaceutical industry. The future will bring more innovative and technological advancements.

    Pallavi Gupta
    Pallavi Gupta
    A simple person who took the road taken by everyone else but still wound up on the ROAD NOT TAKEN. Stay connected for technology and electronics news.

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