Three Phase Power Distribution Substation released, ideal for indoor and outdoor use in plant turnarounds

Larson Electronics LLC, a leader of industrial lighting, released a portable power distribution sub-station that gives operators the flexibility to utilize 480V AC three phase electrical current to power 240 volt and 120 volt equipment on a single system. This 60-amp 30KVA power distribution panel contains three 40-amp time delay fuses, one 30-amp 3-pole 250V breaker, two 50-amp 2-pole 250V breakers, and six 20-amp 1-pole 125V breakers, ideal for indoor and outdoor use in plant turnarounds, shipyards and other temporary industrial applications.

The MPD-480D-30KVA-240.120-1X3P.30-2X2P.50-6X1P.20-50C is a 480V to 240D/120V 3 phase portable power distribution substation that converts three phase 480V AC to 240D/120V AC from a single power source. The primary side of this 30KVA unit distributes 480V using a 50-foot #8 SOOW power cord to connect to a variety of power sources including generators or direct grid power. The 60-amp primary disconnect contains three 4-amp time delay fuses.

On the secondary side, the unit has nine receptacles to power a variety of applications which include: one 50-amp 250V CS8369 receptacle, protected by one 30-amp 3-pole 250V breaker, two 50-amp 125/250V CS6369 receptacles protected by two 50-amp 2-pole 5V breakers, and six 20-amp 125V 5-20R GFCI duplex receptacles protected by six 20-amp 1-pole 125V beakers. All receptacles have a weatherproof cover to protect against unpredictable outdoor conditions.

The MPD-480D-30KVA-240.120-1X3P.30-2X2P.50-6X1P.20-50C temporary transformer is mounted to a carbon steel platform with forklift skid pockets, locking casters and top located eyelet for easy lifting and transportation. The unit is ruggedly constructed to withstand tough working environments during operational use. The unit is compliant with the NFPA 70 National Electric code, certified to UL 1640 and has a NEMA 3R rating that provides protection against dirt and water in open or confined spaces.

“This portable power distribution system is a very reliable option for remote or temporary worksites where external power sources are needed for equipment,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “This innovative transformer gives operators the flexibility to power equipment on 240 and 120 volts, so a variety of equipment can be used with this one system”, he added.