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    THINKLIGHT to light up the lighting community with newest lighting concepts

    Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will once again welcome fairgoers to its renowned THINKLIGHT event programme. This year the organisers have invited some of the leading figures from the lighting community to contribute to the programme through a lineup of talks, presentations and panel discussions. The concurrent event programme promises to be an ideal platform for the lighting community to exchange insights across various sectors and industries.

    Commenting on this year’s THINKLIGHT event programme, Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, said: “Thanks to the support and positive response from the lighting industry over the years, we are able to continue offering a dynamic event programme alongside the exhibition. We have organised a comprehensive concurrent event programme where we hope to encourage and inspire ideas and maybe even some industry breakthroughs.”

    What’s next for lighting?

    Thousands of participants will make use of the informative trade fair event programme to join some of the leading experts from the global lighting community in discussing what is next for lighting. The event programme on the main stage will be completely comprised of panel discussions in order to bring together multiple voices and invite a greater level of discussion. This is highlighted during the kick off panel discussion where major players including Signify, OSRAMand OPPLEwill gather on stage to discuss their strategic plans for the future. The event programme will be divided into three sections to explore various topics and factors affecting the lighting industry.

    New Era

    The New Era section of the event programme will examine how the lighting industry can take advantage of the opportunities that arise from the demand for smart, sustainable and human-centric lighting. Microsoft (China) Co Ltd, Yeelight and OPPLE will share how cloud computing and AI technology can play a substantial role in new lighting applications and smart home products as well as creating a smart ecosystem era.

    The era of 5G will be explored in greater detail as Signify andGuangzhou & Chinese Academy of Sciences show how the ability to interconnect different applications could revolutionise the lighting industry. “The Convergent Future” will also be examined by the Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association where smart lighting and cross-sector integration is becoming an undeniable trend.

    New Lifestyle

    A series of panel discussions will explore how today’s retail and city environments are being radically altered thanks to lighting enhancements, not only engaging customers and citizens but also improving sustainability and creating healthier and better functioning environments. Lighting designers, academics and the LUCI Association will join the panel.

    Master Sharing Series

    Brad Koerner, Tino Kwan and Enrique Peinigerwill bring us inspirational ideas about lighting design during the Master Sharing Series section of the programme. Topics will include “Transforming architectural lighting to architectural media”, “The inspiration of success in life” and “Lighting powers of ten: Methodology for different scales of lighting design”.

    Break away from the red ocean

    As both opportunities and challenges for the industry manifest in this new era of lighting, this final section of the event programme will explore whether the risks of leaping forward into new areas and technologies outweigh the risks of maintaining a key grip on the basics. Technical ingenuity, craftsmanship and globalisation within the industry will all be up for debate.

    The THINKLIGHT forum promises to once again offer an engaging series of discussions and presentations that seek to bring different sectors of the lighting industry together and facilitate high-level talks on pressing issues. Wong adds: “The lighting industry has changed and evolved into so much more. Born from these changes are new products and design ideas as well as increased connectivity. This has encouraged the lighting community to think ahead and interpret new trends that present lighting in a new dimension. I am confident that participants will discover a wealth of new knowledge from our extensive event programme.”

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