Texas Instruments Introduces Localized Online Buying Experience for India

    Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced new ordering features on making it more convenient for electronics companies and manufacturers across India to procure authentic TI products at the lowest online price.*

    The new features offer purchasing options in INR currency (Indian Rupee) to give customers a faster, more convenient buying experience. Along with local currency, TI simplifies delivery by handling the logistics and importation process for customers receiving shipments to India. In addition, the company is expanding its online payment options to include online banking, credit cards and a line of credit to make online buying easier.

    “Increasingly electronics companies in India are telling us they want to buy online, and we want to make it as easy as possible to get authentic TI products,” said Ravneet Kotwal, Director of sales and applications at Texas Instruments India. “Purchasing managers continue to explore alternate supply channels for securing authentic products, and we believe adding these new purchasing features on will provide them with a strong option to get the products they need.”

    New ordering features are available on

    TI offers several features to support India customers’ purchasing experience at any stage – from concept to production, including the following:

    • Local currency transactions: Customers can now easily transact on, using INR in addition to the existing USD option.
    • Multiple payment options: TI is now offering more payment options for companies in India such as online banking and a line of credit.
    • Customs clearance: For purchases in INR, TI simplifies delivery by handling the logistics and importation process, making faster delivery possible to customers.
    • Fast, reliable shipping: TI leverages its product distribution centers to support local market needs. Whether companies need to order a preproduction device or large-quantity reels in volume production, TI can ship products to them quickly.

    For more information, visit

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