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    Telit Powering the IoT Market in India

    Telit is the global leader in Internet of Things enablement. Their IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services help reduce the risks, time to market, complexity and costs associated with deploying and providing IoT services across industries and vertical markets worldwide. Mr. Ashish Gulati, Country Head of Telit India shared his insights about Telit business in India and IoT with ELE Times. Few Excerpts.

    ELE Times: Tell us about the background of Telit and different verticals its offering in IoT?

    Ashish Gulati: Telit offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products, platforms and services to support and enable IoT deployments from things to apps. Our products and services are about connecting things anywhere to the Cloud, apps and enterprise systems seamlessly and easily; reducing time-to-market and risk while enhancing technical and business performance of the overall solution. Telecom, Energy and Automotive Telematics are our key areas on which we focus more.

    ELE Times: What is the key USP of Telit and apart from IoT what other technologies you are focusing or going to focus?

    Ashish Gulati: Our portfolio includes many services as described in earlier answers. The Telit Quality mission include engineering, manufacturing and sales products and services that are the best in every conceivable dimension that impacts customer experience and satisfaction. Automotive modules, cellular modules, short range wireless are some areas where Telit work rigorously.

    ELE Times: What are your business strategies to promote IoT in Indian market?

    Ashish Gulati: Telit plans to continue expanding the value it brings to various vertical segments with new products and services in the machine-to-machine communication space and Internet of Things. Increasing demand for connected devices, rising awareness, penetration of smart devices are some of the factors driving growth for IoT solutions in the market. New government initiatives such as smart cities project coupled with increasing IT spending is further expected to fuel the IoT market in India. IoT/M2M service segment accounted for majority of the market revenue generated from verticals such as automobile & transportation, telecom, utilities, retail & financial services, healthcare, and agriculture.

    ELE Times: What different application sector areas Telit is going to focus?

    Ashish Gulati: Telecom, Energy and Automotive Telematics are our key areas. We are working closely with many power utilities and government agencies to understand their needs, challenges and the roadmap ahead for implementing IoT communication technologies. In the field of telematics, we are working with the local design houses to identify different needs of the consumers to come up with solutions to meet their specific requirements. Another sector which we see growing is the solar sector which is using IoT modules for various applications.

    ELE Times: What’s Telit going to showcase in innovation summit going to be held in Barcelona?

    Ashish Gulati: Telit is pleased to announce the Telit IoT Innovation Summit, on October 2, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain where you will have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of business leaders, executives, engineers and developers who want to leverage the expertise of the Telit IoT ecosystem. Our Smart Solutions track showcases real-world IoT use from smart manufacturing to smart transportation, smart energy, smart agriculture, smart cities, smart buildings and everything in between, industries are using IoT to revolutionize the way they operate and the way we live.

    ELE Times Bureau
    ELE Times Bureau
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