Robust and High-density electronics could be enabled by Graphene

The shrinking of the electronic devices has proven that we may reach the limit of how smaller they can be made. Graphene, a carbon...
Artificial Intelligence

Through The Looking Glass: AI in Everyday Life

It’s a brave new world indeed, where Alexa can help your kindergartner with her homework and your smart refrigerator can assess the contents inside...
tuft main

Newly 3D print metamaterials with novel optical properties developed by researchers

A series of 3D printed metamaterials with unique microwave or optical properties, that goes beyond what is possible using conventional optical or electronic materials,...
IoT main

Everyday object can be made an IoT object with new technology

According to scientists, everyday objects like frying pans, coffee cups, pill bottles and countless other household objects will soon be converted into a network...
Cloud Connectivity

Enterprise Cloud Connectivity: Challenges of Moving To Heterogeneous Environment

Public cloud ecosystem adoption journey for new start-ups and small businesses has a very different trajectory and challenges than those faced by midsize and...
Intelligent automation main

Blue Prism and Ernst & Young LLP collaborate to drive digital transformation through intelligent...

Building on more than five years of teaming to address the intelligent automation market, Ernst & Young LLP (EY UK)  and Blue Prism are announcing a strategic alliance to help enterprises worldwide further unlock digital transformation through intelligent automation. Additional EY...
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Rise, Impact on Broadcast and Production

The world of broadcast and production can be a minefield of contradictory challenges. Reduce bit rates, but maintain visual quality; apply precise subtitles, but...
Big Data Tools

Top 10 Open Source Big Data Tools in 2019

Today, big data tools has an extensive usage in almost every organization, and the big data tools have flooded the market. Big data not...
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