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    Technology Trends 2022

    We have ushered in the New Year! We may not be able to travel in flying cars or live on the Moon in 2022, however we may expect a faster rate of digitization and virtualization of business and society. The future year will bring many exciting advancements and trends that will not only rule the technology industry but also pave the way for more sustainable working and living conditions.

    As far as the year gone by is concerned, 2021 played a major role in rebalancing teaching and learning methods and approaches, with educational institutions worldwide adopting new methods to ensure highly engaging and effective live classrooms in digital mode. Even when students are at home and away from university, virtual collaboration and communication among students, parents, and teachers has become a vital component in adding value to studies. To provide students with future-ready skill sets, we have integrated cutting-edge technologies into the curriculum as well as in teaching and learning methods at NIIT University (NU). Here are seven tech trends that will have the major impact on India’s tech industry in the coming year.

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms-based products have exploded in popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons. AI has fully taken over our entire way of working and living, using smart phones, smart TVs, wearables, and even smart vehicles to ease our workloads and make our lives easier.AI is an umbrella concept that includes everything from common chat bots to intelligent fun games. As India ramps up its digitalization efforts, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming a top priority in 2022.

    Digitally Extended Realities 

    Extended reality (XR) is an engaging technology that allows users to experience both the physical and virtual worlds simultaneously. Existing Extended Reality technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR), already dominate the tech sector. As the pace of change in the digital world accelerates, these technologies will continue to dominate in the following year. The year 2022 is bringing more compelling digital experiences to the tech industry.

    Transition to digital learning and employment

    In a world that was already experimenting with digital outlets, COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to higher automation. One might believe that this threatens the traditional employment scale, but a closer look reveals that it opens up new opportunities for digital labour. The education industry is experiencing a surge in employment, from digital bots to new technology jobs. Although the growth for manual work may decline, the demand for digital labour will increase. NIIT University has placed a strong emphasis on learning technology since its inception. Students can receive good education even if they have isolated at home thanks to technology platforms like NUgget.

    Digitization, Virtualization, & Datafication

    It would be foolish to assume that the pandemic will not have an impact on our lives in 2022.Nevertheless, now that the majority of us have accepted the theory of the “new normal,” the emphasis in 2022 will be on thriving in the new world rather than simply surviving in it. The main objective would be to provide real-life experiences in the digital world, such as playing, socializing, studying, or even working with real-life acquaintances. The forthcoming culture will be one of “Metaverse,” in which the physical and digital worlds coexist.

    And, in order to make this process go as smoothly as possible, dozens of new apps and devices are being developed or will be available soon. Scanner tools will assist you in converting documents, study notes, and even photo albums into digital format. Online games will allow people to socialize in the virtual world. The key trend that will rule the tech industry is to make everything available online, even spirituality. We are all aware of the significance of spirituality in India.In2022, users will be able to connect online with live Astrologers or Tarot readers through apps related to Astrology and   Psychic reading.

    Privacy & Security Over Everything

    The top trend to look out for in 2021 was cybersecurity. Without a doubt, as more and more things become digital, people will need to avoid and reduce cybersecurity threats in the coming year. It is predicted that the tech sector will see many new inventions and secure apps in the coming year to aid in the protection of users’ private data. Antivirus and antimalware software will try to meet the needs of the user and will include more features than ever before. App lockers and security extensions are also expected to undergo radical transformation. End-to-end encrypted data transfer and file sharing apps based on cutting-edge technologies such as QR codes will allow users to securely share their data and thus gain popularity among users. The eventual aim would be to provide users with the best digital world possible while maintaining their privacy and security. The government set aside 8,000 crores in the 2020 Budget for developing quantum computing technology over the next five years.

    Faster networks with bigger bandwidth

    5G has been in the pipeline for what seems like an eternity, but2022 may finally be the year when these next-generation networks become operational. The 5G spectrum auctions are expected to take place in the first half of next year.5G networks will be offered to the general public next year if all goes smoothly. In a nutshell, 5G means less delay, or what users think of as speed.

    We believe that the boom of technology-enabled growth will continue in 2022 and beyond .The world is unquestionably in the midst of a digital revolution, led by the United States, China, and India. In the field of education, digitization has proven to be a cost-effective way of conserving resources. As a response, colleges will need to pivot and offer their students a blended learning system that includes a variety of digital activities that, when combined, can produce successful learning. Innovative pedagogies and technology-based teacher-student engagement can be incorporated into this approach. The National Education Policy (NEP2020), which emphasizes technology, provides a policy framework for this. The way to the future is a hybrid approach that utilizes technology as a tool, which is precisely what the NEP 2020 proposes.

    Contributing Author:

    Prof. Parimal V Mandke, Vice President, NIIT University


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