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    Technology Leaders for AIS-140 Implementation

    In one of its latest standards published, the AIS – 140, ARAI deals with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). This standard applies to both individual components within the vehicle as well as the overall ecosystem of public transport. The standards have been provisioned for device level approval; including specifications of the new devices to be installed. Device level approval is needed to enable retro-fitment of ITS systems on in-use vehicles. This will ensure ITS Backend Control Centre infrastructure, already present with the STUs, can be more fully utilized and make the investment in the Backend Control Centre infrastructure more viable.

    What does AIS 140 entail?

    AIS-140 is being implemented across the country for all public transport vehicles, starting  1st April,2018.

    Broadly AIS 140 defines the Safety and Security feature requirement for all public transport vehicles.  It defines that all such vehicles must be fitted with GPS tracking devices specifically for Vehicle Location Tracking and with the function of a mandatory Emergency Button also known as panic button or SOS button.

    When it comes into implementation, and given that AIS 140 is enforced properly, it can completely revolutionise Indian transport, especially in terms of overall safety. In a country like India where women safety in particular is such a big issue in certain states, the technology can help in ensuring that everyone on the road feels absolutely secure.

    There are many specifications (~30 specs)for the GPS tracking device, under the AIS -140 of which we have listed a few important ones here:

    1. Location tracking through Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS/NavIC)
    2. Communicate to designated backend government servers with PVT data
    3. Dual IP addresses for PVT data and Emergency response
    4. Alert ID on pressing emergency button
    5. 4 hour internal battery back-up
    6. Unique ID or IMEI number
    7. Register vehicle to device
    8. E-SIM
    9. Operate between 8VDC to 32VDC
    10. Assisted GPS
    11. 3 axis accelerometer and gyroscope
    12. Multi-slot GPRS

    Who and how does AIS -140 impact?

    As perthe Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), all passenger transport vehicles including taxis and buses are to be mandatorily equipped with GPS devices starting 1st April, 2018.

    Make In India GPS Device manufacturers such as Volty IoT Solutions Pvt Ltd, have invested into vehicle safety and security solutions along with their technology partners Ublox. They have already developed the AIS140 complaint device hardware, under their flagship brand TranSync. They can be the right kind of partners for such a fleet transformation project for state transport undertakings.

    Out of the various standards defined in the AIS140 only the Vehicle Tracking aspect (VLT) and the Emergency Button or Panic button or SOS Button have been chosen by the government for enforcement. Given the government’s push on road safety and its clear intent on implementation of these standards despite some push back from some quarters, it is best that the following organization start planning the incorporation of this standard into their fleet:

    • State Transport Undertakings – Inter-city & Intra city
    • Private Bus Operators – Inter & Intra city
    • Car and Bus Taxi fleet owners or operators (incl. corporate fleets)
    • Schools, Colleges and institutional (incl. corporate) bus operators
    • Rental taxis operators
    • Taxi hailing service providers
    • Self-driven car rental operators

    Why is the U-Blox technology superior?

    U‑blox is a global leader in wireless communications and positioning semiconductors and modules for the industrial, automotive and consumer markets. With over a decade of experience working with the automotive industry, U‑blox has positioned itself as a leading provider of GNSS technology for the growing automotive market.

    U-Blox and Volty IoT Solutions are technology partners for bringing the best in class AIS-140 complaint devices and solutions for the Indian market. The key aspect of the U-Blox technology from an AIS-140 perspective is that, together with Volty, they has invested in developing a roadmap with specific features in their modules to address the AIS-140 specifications. Some of the salient features from this roadmap are as follows:

    • Highest accuracy amongst IRNSS (NavIC) compatible modules (<1 mt accuracy using L1& L5)
    • High sensitivity of -167 dBM which powers greater accuracy
    • Smallest available IRNSS module which is 17.0 X 22.4 mm small.
    • First in the market with 12 band, dual frequency
    • High availability with precision upto centimetre level
    • Dead Reckoning option for positioning in challenging situations
    • High security with anti-jamming and spoofing

    U-Blox has 12 years of experience in the automotive industry and is the No.1 preferred partners of GPS device OEMs globally. In India, U-Blox has a strategic partnership with Volty IoT Solutions for AIS-140 device and other devices as well.


    Automotive grade GNSS module with operational range –40 °C to +105 °C


    Automotive grade GNSS and Dead Reckoning module with accurate navigation under all signal conditions, operational up to +85 °C


    The smallest automotive grade GNSS module with operational range –40 °C to +105 °C

    •          Pin-to-pin compatible with the professional grade MAX modules



    Who can you reach out to for being AIS – 140 compliant?

    There are not even a handful of OEMs who have invested in developing the AIS140 complaint GPS tracker with panic button.These OEMs have queued up at ARAI& ICATto get their devicesAIS 140 certified.

    TranSync, a GPS Tracker brand ofVolty IoT Solutions Pvt Ltdis a leader in the Indian GPS device OEM market, with hundreds of thousands of its devices functioning live on the Indian roads.

    TranSync, not only provides AIS-140 complaint devices, but also GPS trackers for all other tracking needs such as:

    • Fleet Management Solutions:
      • Logistics Management
      • MiningFleet Management
      • Oil and Natural Gas Fleet Management
      • Insurance Management – with advanced analytics of driver behaviour
      • Solid Waste Management
    • Two Wheeler Tracking– for sales force management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Three wheelers– for hailing apps
    • Asset Management – for Person of Interest (PoI), Cargo and Logistics management

    There are also a plethora of software service providers who will integrate these AIS 140 complaint devices onto their Vehicle Tracking Platforms and provide various packages for end clients.

    The VLT service with command centre integration solution is a long term investment for all the mandated service providers. As an end client, it is advisable to be ahead of the game and find the right kind of partner for your ITS journey. The ideal partner is the one who can survive through investment and innovation in this constantly evolving space.

    About Volty IoT Solutions Pvt Ltd:

    Volty IoT Solutions is one of few companies in India that are manufacturing GPS Tracker and Advanced Tracker under their flagship brand TranSync (  Unlike other companies, Volty IoT designs, develops, and manufactures the device indigenously. They are actively replacing imported GPS Devices by providing homegrown, more accurate and indigenously manufactured devices. Volty IoT is one of the market leaders in the GPS device market in India and has hundreds of thousands of trackers currently deployed on field and is working with various State Governments in India and some large MNCs such as Volkswagen, Ford, Mahindra etc. to build custom solutions. They have different kinds of GPS Tracker like –TRANSYNC AIS-140 – Made in India for India, TRANSYNC-P2 Basic Tracker, TRANSYNC-L1 Advanced Tracker, OBDII+ On Board Diagnostics, TRANSYNC AST-211 Asset Tracker, TRANSYNC B2 for bikes

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