TCS and Intel to Collaborate for IoT, Cloud, AI Solutions

India’s largest IT services company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will collaborate with chipmaker Intel to design a reference architecture that could be used for rolling out Internet of things (IoT), cloud, 5G and AI by its customers.

The partnership will also see both companies jointly investing in Centres of Excellences (CoEs) across India and the US to provide industry-specific solutions for optimizing cost and improving productivity.

“The collaboration allows us to offer advanced ready-to-use solutions and reference architectures across the network, cloud, and client. The CoEs will also provide on-the-ground solution testing, verification and development support for customers in the US and India,” said Intel Sales and Marketing VP Shannon Poulin.

While TCS will gain from Intel’s hardware know-how, the partnership will ensure that the latter company’s chips sell better in systems that are used by large enterprises. They will also design cloud-ready network design to help businesses build agile and cost effective infrastructure through software-defined networking, software-defined infrastructure, and NFV.

Intel had announced last month that it will collaborate with industries and academia across India to push AI and complementary technologies such as IoT and Big Data to the masses. Today’s announcement comes a week after Intel’s long-time partner Microsoft announced that it will work with Qualcomm to build Snapdragon powered PCs.

TCS already has one center for excellence for IoT research in its Hyderabad campus which was done in partnership with Intel.

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