Suppliers focus on new soldering solutions to embrace miniaturisation

    The requirement for miniaturisation is pushing electronic manufacturers to design components that are not only highly functional but are contained within very small technical assemblies. This places further demand on the SMT process. An industrial project which incorporates some of Altus Groups pre-eminent suppliers, including Rehm Thermal Systems and Koh Young, is focusing on how the process can be Land Grid Arrays (LGA).

    A SMTconnect seminar was held which included leaders in the electronics industry discussing soldering and the process-specific possibilities for reducing the void content in the solder joints of these complex components to a level of < 10%. Some of the important influencing factors were presented and various X-ray methods (2D-X-Ray, laminography, X-ray CT) were used for comparative purposes in order to obtain valuable data.

    Altus, a leading supplier of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland said: “The seminar which involved two of our important suppliers, helped in identifying how good LGA solder joints could be produced which will help in producing successful PCB assemblies.

    “Continuous development for newer technology requires successful PCB assembly. More dense assemblies and higher quantities can increases the number of defects. With components becoming more and more complex, it is important to ensure all processes including soldering are correct in order to maximise quality and ensure void-free soldering.

    “Companies like Rehm Thermal Systems and Koh Young are producing equipment which is helping the electronics industry to produce the very best components possible. Altus is seeing a growing interest in the innovative equipment from these companies who are providing pioneering solutions. For example Rehm’s reflow soldering systems are seeing increased sales as they deliver a very reliable and repeatable process.

    “Industrial projects like the one recently held during the SMTconnect seminar will help the electronics industry. Thanks to a combination of extensive expertise, investigation and high-tech capital equipment, the best solutions for electronic component production can be created.”

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