Studies revealed  fears and confusion for embracing Artificial Intelligence

Global consumer study shows hesitancy to use AI technology even though most unwittingly already are


A new global study released by Pegasystems , the software company empowering customer engagement at the world’s leading enterprises, revealed consumers are confused about what artificial intelligence (AI) really does, resulting in misplaced fears that inhibit them from embracing AI-based technology. However, these fears are often eased once they gain firsthand – which ironically many enjoy today without even realizing it.

In a survey of 6,000 customers in six countries, consumers appear hesitant to fully embrace AI devices and services. Only one in three (36 percent) are comfortable with businesses using AI to engage with them – even if this typically results in a better customer experience. Almost three quarters (72 percent) express some sort of fear about AI, with one quarter (24 percent) of respondents even worried about robots taking over the world.

Surprise … you may already be using AI!

But these consumers may be surprised to learn they are already exposed to much more AI than they realize. Only 34 percent of respondents thought they had directly experienced AI. But when asked about the technologies in their lives, the survey found 84 percent actually use at least one AI-powered service or device – such as virtual home assistants, intelligent chatbots, or predictive product suggestions. When asked separately to identify AI-powered devices, only 41 percent knew Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home run on AI.