StreamUnlimited enhances user experiences with innovative data-over-sound connectivity

    Chirp, a pioneer of data-over-sound technology has announced its support of StreamUnlimited, an industry leader in embedded streaming and voice assistant technology.

    Chirp’s ultrasonic machine-to-machine communications software enables any device with a loudspeaker or microphone to exchange data via inaudible sound waves, enabling the interconnection of millions of devices in a seamless, scalable, and cost-effective way to enhance end-user experience and add value to existing hardware.

    StreamUnlimited enables its OEM customers to connect through a myriad of smart devices and music services, as well as various smart home protocol stacks. By working together, Chirp’s ultrasonic data-over-sound technology has been added to a selection of connectivity solutions including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi already supported by StreamUnlimited’s modules.

    For example, StreamUnlimited end users will be able to leverage the capabilities of data-over-sound to facilitate seamless Wi-Fi provisioning and device configuration from smartphones to smart audio devices. Simple, secure data-over-sound broadcasts from smart audio devices to nearby smartphones are also simple to implement. By adding value to the existing audio capabilities of consumer devices, Chirp delivers a frictionless, scalable, and cost-effective way for StreamUnlimited customers to do more with their existing bill of materials.

    “With Chirp and StreamUnlimited’s technology combined, third party OEMs will be able to harness new capabilities for device connectivity, unlocking the possibility for faster, more enjoyable end-user experiences,”  said James Nesfield, CEO of Chirp. “We will continue to partner with the best audio and DSP technology providers in the world to make sure data-over-sound is easily available to manufacturers on a wide range of CE devices. We are thrilled to bring these capabilities to StreamUnlimited customers,” said Nesfield.

    “The opportunity for audio brands to incorporate Chirp’s proven data-over-sound technology offers an exciting new dimension to enhancement of device setup and configuration,” said Markus Rutz, CTO, StreamUnlimited. “We are delighted to work with this integration as an extension of our feature portfolio and look forward to assisting in the growing number of use cases for this in the audio streaming and smart home segments,” said Rutz.

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