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    STMicroelectronics announces Executive Committee

    Upon the proposal of ST’s new President & CEO Jean-Marc Chery, the Supervisory Board has approved the establishment of a newly formed Executive Committee, entrusted with the management of the Company and led by Mr. Chery as its Chairman.

    The other members of ST’s Executive Committee are:

    •  Orio Bellezza, President, Technology, Manufacturing and Quality
    •  Marco Cassis, President, Sales, Marketing, Communications and Strategy Development
    •  Claude Dardanne, President, Microcontrollers and Digital ICs Group
    •  Lorenzo Grandi, President, Finance, Infrastructure and Services and Chief Financial     Officer
    •  Marco Monti, President, Automotive and Discrete Group
    •  Georges Penalver, President, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility
    •  Steven Rose, President, Legal Counsel
    •  Benedetto Vigna, President, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group.

    “ST’s new Executive Committee is a team of strong and experienced semiconductor industry leaders. Our first priority is to deliver on our 2018 business and financial objectives and continue on our path of sustainable and profitable growth. Customers choose ST because we are able to bring them innovation in technology and products. We will keep pushing in this direction, with a focus on fast time-to-market and strong execution, to create value for customers and for all of our stakeholders,” said Jean-Marc Chery, President & CEO of STMicroelectronics.

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