STM32Cube Software Libraries: Powerful Updates For Bluetooth or 6LoWPAN Applications  

ST has upgraded two of their STM32Cube Expansion Software with RF libraries: the X-CUBE-SUBG1, and X-CUBE-BLE1. ST always strives to go beyond what typical manufacturer’s offer, to enable engineers to create better products faster, and STM32Cube is a big part of that experience. There are two major offerings: STM32CubeMX and STM32Cube software libraries. The former facilitates the configuration of a microcontroller (MCU) and generates the necessary code in C to start building applications. It is so popular that the concept was recently extended to 8-bit MCUs with the STM8CubeMX software. On the other hand, the latter is a series of software libraries that help engineers take advantage of certain features available on a component or platform.

STM32Cube software libraries can be quite comprehensive, even including Hardware Abstraction Layers (HAL), low-level APIs, Real-Time Operating Systems, drivers, file systems, TCP/IP stacks, touch-sensing or graphical libraries, and even application examples with their source code. They are similar to the ODE Function Packs we recently reviewed in that both build on the STM32Cube architecture to show what can be done, while offering the tools to reproduce the demos. Hence, as we prepare for ST’s Developer Conference 2017, on September 6 in Santa Clara, California, we continue to go over the latest improvements in ST’s software offerings.

To know more about the other STM32 software libraries, please visit ST’s website.