Solar Rooftops Mandatory in Gurugram’s Government Buildings

    The Haryana government is going to make it mandatory for all public buildings, like schools, health centres, offices etc., to have rooftop solar panels as part of a state-wide project that will be first implemented in Gurugram and Faridabad, revealed a source.

    PK Mahapatra, additional chief secretary, new and renewable energy department, Haryana, made the announcement on Saturday, days after a WHO report listed Gurugram as the 11th most polluted city in the world. And one of the main culprits behind the city’s high pollution levels is diesel gensets that are used as backup at many residential societies, government offices and commercial complexes.

    Mahapatra said to TOI that the government wanted every public office to have its own solar power generation system and would ensure “solarisation” of the entire state in a phased manner. Tangible change would be visible in that direction in next six months.

    “We are working on modalities as to how we should go about it in schools, anganwadis and offices, among others. We also want to make budgetary provisions (for the renewable energy projects), but that will take time,” he added.

    Mahapatra on Saturday maintained that buyers of solar rooftop panels would eventually get the subsidies, even if late.

    To help residents procure rooftop panels, Gurugram First has launched a help desk. Officials from RWAs can write to with specific queries relating to installation of solar panels. A panel of independent experts has been selected to assist residents, informed Shubhra Puri, founder, Gurugram First.

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