Smart Mobility made easier with the latest automated fare collection for transit ticketing

    The city of Vinnitsa, Ukraine, is implementing a new, state-of-the art system for automated fare collection based on the CIPURSE open security standard. Infineon Technologies AG has been selected as sole supplier of the security chips to be embedded into 200,000 transportation cards for the city’s trams and busses. The cards will be issued from summer 2019 onwards.

    The project is led by the municipal company Vinnitsa Card Service. Infineon is providing the CIPURSE security chips to be embedded into the cards. The hardware equipment for the terminals is being sourced from Mikroelektronika from the Czech Republic while Symbol Systems from Ukraine is responsible for software integration.

    In a next step, the city of Vinnitsa will introduce social cards which combine transport ticketing with payment functionality. As part of the Ukrainian government’s roadmap towards a digital economy and society, similar projects have already been implemented in Ukraine. Local banks in the city of Zhitomir, for example, are issuing multi-application cards with CIPURSE-based security chips from Infineon.

    Seamless and convenient solutions for public transportation

    Population growth and continued urbanization are placing a growing strain on the environment. Public transportation is one of the key livability factors in a modern, smart city, extending beyond the obvious bus and train options to include services such as car-sharing and bike rentals. At the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, 9-12 June 2019, Infineon will be exhibiting transit ticketing solutions for seamless and convenient mobility.

    CIPURSE is an internationally supported, non-proprietary security standard for transport ticketing and access solutions. The specifications are managed by the OSPT Alliance. The truly open standard is highly flexible, supporting cards and tickets while also providing guidance for multi-purpose solutions. It is also supported in smartphones and therefore offers a convenient alternative to contactless tickets.

    Furthermore, providing future-proof security architectures based on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit key length, CIPURSE eliminates the fraud problems that tend to compromise existing proprietary systems.

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