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    Smart Lighting Solutions powered by TM Synapptra

    Smart Lighting Solutions powered by TM Synapptra enable next-generation Automated Lighting Control, delivering improved energy efficiency and comprehensive lighting management.

    Synapptra turns lighting into a digital application on the network. This enables lighting to be easily and cost-effectively provisioned, controlled and monitored remotely.


    • Office Lighting
    • Commercial Building Lighting
    • Data Center Lighting
    • Adaptive City Lighting
    • Industrial Lighting

    Synapptra Sensor Node is a multi-sensor network device equipped to sense all parameters required in Lighting and Energy Management

    • Occupancy sensing
    • Ambient Light Sensing
    • Humidity and Temperature Sensing

    Synapptra Sensor Node is available in Network Power and Non-Network Power variants. Network Power variant delivers up to 60W DC power over networking cable to compatible LED Luminaires.

    Network Power reduces installation costs by up to 50% due to low voltage DC “plug-and-play” setup. Reduces commissioning time from days to hours and reduces maintenance costs by up to 80%.


    • Reducing non-productive power usage
    • High density IoT sensor network collects data and provides fine grain control
    • Sensor data enables control of lighting levels to exact space / time / personnel needs
    • Fully centralized management and reporting
    • Low cost installation and setup
    • Easy to re-provision
    • Flexible Control – by fixture, group, room, floor, building, time of day, occupancy, daylight harvesting
    • Advanced Occupancy Sensing – sensors enable automatic lighting control, one click daylight harvesting, space utilization and security alerts

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