Skybox Founder and CEO’s India Trip underlines the company’s continued APAC Focus

    Skybox Security, a global leader in cybersecurity management has once again emphasized its focus on India. Skybox Security CEO and Founder Gidi Cohen is in India to strengthen channel partnership and customer relationship in a region of growing significance to the leading security management software provider. Cohen says APAC’s style of leapfrog technology and drive for digital transformation is particularly significant in the cybersecurity space.

    Founder & CEO Gidi Cohen comments, “We’re seeing APAC as early adopters of AI and machine learning in cybersecurity, according to a recent survey we conducted, outpacing the EMEA and US counterparts by nearly 20 points. The same is true for fully automated workflows and processes, with APAC leading the bunch by 16 points; this is despite APAC having the lowest ratio of total employees in an organization vs. those dedicated to firewall and security policy management. What this shows us that APAC understands the advantages automated technology brings not just in terms of time-savings, but the intelligence it can yield and assist humans in those roles.”

    “Automation, visibility and context underlie so many processes in managing firewalls, security policy, vulnerabilities, threats, and is at the core of Skybox’s technology. We see the increasingly sophisticated and fast-growth APAC region as a perfect fit for Skybox solutions, whether it be for the end user, MSSPs or other channel partners.” Cohen added.

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