Sensors: Technology of today and tomorrow

    Sensor plays a major role in the electronics industry. We are likely to see a steady growth of sensors today and in the future as well. We are already advanced with many disruptive technologies, but sensors are still making a boom in the electronics world.

    With Internet of Things and other technologies, which are going to be the mainstream of electronics very soon, sensors will create a space in the industry by the latest technologies and applications. Sensors will become more robust and their benefits for a user are not limited for just a few.

    Sensor systems enable new use cases for existing product types, and are important for improving user experiences with completely new device types.

    With a dynamic revolution of new implementations of sensor technology, there is a possibility of placing a heart monitor in wristband that a person can wear 24/7, to enable color analysis, 60X more sensitive than the human eye in a small, handheld instrument, or to provide ambient noise cancellation in a device so tiny that it fits in ear.

    Shaping the globe with sensor solutions, by rolling out new core sensing technologies, developing algorithms that makes sense of sensor data, and building application-ready devices that OEMs can execute easily in end products.

    At present, the digital transformation has just begun, there is a lot more to come for sensors to be at the heart of waves of change. Below is a list of few sensor trends that will be prominent in the coming years:


    There will be expansion of micro-sensors globally, which will track the healing process for internal injuries while being implanted in patients. These sensors will also enable healthcare professionals to take remedial action based on continual data from the system. The rapid increment in the healthcare sector, is going to be result in usage of more and more innovative and advanced sensors.

    Internet of Things

    IoT itself is a major trend for today and for the coming years. The utilization of sensors in IoT will dominate the sectors across the industry. The sensors will be connected, and become predictive in nature and there will be a wider range of situations and events to be detected. New algorithms will emerge to deduce more information from current sensor technologies.

    Paper-based Sensors

    The newly alternative technology for fabrication of simple, low-cost, portable and disposable analytical devices for many application areas including food quality control, clinical diagnosis and environmental monitoring. This paper based sensor technology is very promising one, and is going to be anticipated in future with more innovative developments in paper based sensors.

    Automotive Sector for ADAS

    The technological advancements in the automotive sector coupled with early adoption have catapulted the market on an upward trajectory. This trend is likely to perpetuate in the foreseeable future. The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market is completely dependent on the automotive industry. Thus the increasing or decreasing demand of the automotive industry directly has an impact on the ADAS market.

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