Sensor BLE beacon reference design is solar-powered

    Cypress Semiconductor's

    Cypress Semiconductor’s CYALKIT-E02 solar-powered BLE sensor beacon reference design kit provides an easy-to-use platform for the development of a solar-powered Wireless Sensor Node (WSN) that can sense the temperature and humidity around.

    The reference sensor beacon, which is 25 mm in diameter, can be placed and left to operate without maintenance for battery changes, making it suitable to monitor environmental conditions in smart home, commercial building, factory and agriculture settings. The tiny new reference design integrates Cypress’s energy harvesting power management integrated circuits, EZ-BLE PRoC Bluetooth Low Energy module and a 15x15mm solar cell that enable operation using as little as 100 lux of ambient light, less light than a typical warehouse aisle receives. The kit contains the solar-powered BLE sensor beacon, a BLE-USB Bridge and Debug Board that can be connected to a host PC via a USB interface to receive sensor data and for on-chip debugging of the sensor beacon.

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