Schneider Electric launches Altivar Machine ATV320 variable speed drive for machine manufacturers

    The new drive improves machine effectiveness in a wide variety of applications

    Schneider Electric today announced the launch of the AltivarTM Machine ATV320, a variable speed drive that meets simple and advanced application requirements from 0.18 to 15 kW (0.25 to 20 Hp).

    The ATV320, as part of the Altivar Machine product range, was designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of machines, while optimizing design and engineering costs for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who can benefit from the drive’s following features:

    Altivar Machine ATV320

    Both book and compact form factors are engineered for easy, cost-effective integration with practically any machine layout and for placement inside either cabinets or machine frames.

    Improved performance: Altivar Machine variable speed drives enhance motor control performance by reducing application task cycle time (1ms) in synchronous and asynchronous motors.

    Advanced connectivity: The variable speed drives support a variety of communication protocols such as ModBus TCP, Ethernet IP, CANopen, Sercos III, among many more

    Robust design: Altivar Machine drives’ printed circuit boards are coated in accordance with IEC 61721-3-3, with class 3C3 as standard, to protect against corrosion and provide reliability in harsh environments.

    Simplified installation requiring less design time: Altivar Machine variable speed drives conform to modular design standards that allow for easy selection, fast commissioning, and reduced installation time. The ATV320 is available in both compact and book form factors that allow efficient space usage in various cabinet layouts.

    Enhanced safety: Embedded safety functions – from STO and SIL3 PLe up to the most demanding functions – are compatible with synchronous and servo motors.

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