Samsung Electronics Mass Producing 256GB Chip for High-end Smartphones



In a recent press announcement Samsung Electronics announced that it started the mass production of a 256-gigabyte (GB) Universal Flash Storage (UFS) for their flagship smartphones.

Samsung said the new memory chip, which is produced less than a year after it launched the 128-GB model, features the speed nine times faster than the existing micro SD cards, or two times faster than the budget solid state drives for laptops.

The UFS chip is faster and slimmer, and consumes less power compared to previous flash memory chips, which will help users activate other features without a delay enjoying Ultra HD content on smartphones.

The Korean IT giant said the 256-GB UFS will be suitable for high-end smartphones, as it allows faster data transmission between smartphones and other devices through the USB 3.0 interface, which enables the transmission of a 5GB movie file in 12 seconds.



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