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    Robots and Breathing Simulators: What the Enterprises of SEZ Technopolis Moscow Developed in 2020

    Electronic checkpoint, barcodes in laboratories and thermographic complexes – we are talking about the most interesting developments of the enterprises of the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow, created last year.

    Robots, breathing simulators and temperature monitoring systems – despite the challenges of the pandemic, enterprises of SEZ Technopolis Moscow created many developments in 2020. The devices help quickly find laboratory samples, repair nuclear fuel pools, and reduce the blood rejection risk during transfusion.

    “From January to September 2020, the volume of products manufactured by residents of the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow amounted to 12.5 billion rubles. It produces electronic products, optical solutions, nanomaterials, oilfield services, educational equipment and much more. This figure is a quarter higher than in the same period in 2019. Despite the temporary constraints, the companies of the special economic zone also promptly increased the production of goods to combat the pandemic, which were then supplied to 45 regions of Russia”, informed Vladimir Efimov, Vice-Mayor of Moscow for Economic policy and Land-property affairs.

    Electronic checkpoint and barcodes in laboratories
    In September, one of the residents of SEZ Technopolis Moscow put into serial production the hardware and software complex “Electronic checkpoint control and access control”. The development not only recognizes employees and visitors but also measures their body temperature by the wrist. If it is correct, the stile opens. If not, the guard receives a warning signal and the passage is blocked.

    The device can be integrated with video control systems, thermal imagers, security and fire alarms. This allows you to keep track of working hours, create a visitor base and store event records.

    Another development allows you to quickly find the desired laboratory sample. A circular sector barcode is applied to the top of the tube, which can be scanned using a smartphone camera in a mobile application.

    For large volumes of search and sorting, automated complexes are provided. A unique method for labelling and identifying laboratory samples was created to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

    Breathing simulators and thermographic complexes
    In September, Technopolis released the first batch of breathing simulators required for training in working with artificial lung ventilation devices. They help physicians learn to customize medical technology for the individual needs of patients.

    The devices simulate the breathing of people with various lung damages. Thanks to working with the simulator, specialists will be able to correctly select the required ventilation mode.

    In the spring, the special economic zone was equipped with the thermal complex “Macro-1”. The device is installed at the entrance and reads the increased body temperature of people at the checkpoints, transmits a signal to the guard and blocks the entrance. At the same time, the readings are not affected by air conditioners, drafts or direct sunlight. And the error is only 0.1 °C.

    More than 80 such complexes have already been installed in eight regions of the country. They are located on the territory of industrial enterprises, business centers and shopping centers, as well as in Technopolis Moscow.

    Air disinfection and blood donation assistance
    In June, one of the companies created a disinfectant for roads, linear objects and city squares, as well as water and air. The new solution is completely safe for the environment. The development is now in the process of being patented.

    “During the entire existence of SEZ Technopolis Moscow, its residents and enterprises have registered 175 patents for useful models and inventions. About 70 percent of these are from electronics manufacturers. However, the owners of patents in the capital’s SEZ are also manufacturers of composites, optical solutions, orthopaedic footwear, energy-efficient technologies and medicine”, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow.

    Another development, created in the special economic zone of Moscow, is aimed at solving the problem of blood donation. To avoid situations when the patient’s body rejects the transfused blood or transplanted organ, residents have created a prototype of the X-ray unit “RUST-M2”.

    The device eliminates the biological activity of the blood and reduces the risk of rejection. It has several customizable modes – for example, you can irradiate donor tissues and vaccines. In 20 minutes, the installation is capable of processing up to 1.5 liters of blood.

    The development will be useful in haematological, oncological, genetic and microbiological institutes, clinics, centers for bone marrow transplantation and treatment of blood pathologies and leukaemia, as well as at blood transfusion stations. Now the installation is undergoing state registration and certification.

    Repair Robot and Carbon Fiber Composites
    Another unique development is a robotic device that repairs storage pools for depleted nuclear fuel of a new type of nuclear power plant. It looks for defects in metal cladding sheets and fixes them with welding equipment.

    The device can be used in a pool filled with water with nuclear fuel. It not only reduces the repair time but also eliminates the work of people in the danger zone. In the fall, the robot was sent to the Leningrad NPP-2.

    In autumn, Technopolis began to produce composites based on thermoplastics and carbon fiber. They can be used in the manufacture of body parts that are subject to severe wear, high temperatures and radiation.

    The new solution expands the possibilities of using composites in aviation, space, engine building, shipbuilding and oil and gas industries. Such materials are produced by only a few companies in the world.

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    ELE Times Research Desk
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