Revolutionizing data fabric to dominate hybrid multi-cloud

    NetApp, the data authority for hybrid cloud, announced new solutions and services that allow customers to adopt and consume cloud on their terms. With the new announcement, NetApp is delivering a truly seamless hybrid multi-cloud experience that includes availability of NetApp Cloud Data Services on NetApp HCI, the ability to expand with persistent storage across the biggest public clouds, and the ability for customers to manage, use, and pay for cloud services the way they want to.

    The public cloud has created a new standard for IT that all industry leaders must match to provide the experience that users enjoy in the cloud and now demand on their premises. To be successful, organizations must fuel data-driven innovation by leveraging the cloud and modernizing their IT, bringing the power of the cloud to every part of their business through a seamless hybrid multi-cloud experience.

    “The way organizations invest in and consume IT resources continues to evolve—hybrid multi-cloud is clearly now the de facto IT architecture,” said NetApp CEO George Kurian. “This is a reality that NetApp has been preparing for many years with our Data Fabric strategy. Our close partnerships with major public cloud providers, historical leadership in storage and data management, and groundbreaking approach to creating hybrid multi-cloud environments with Kubernetes and advanced data services represent an important milestone. It is an exciting foundation for our customers to drive IT transformation today and for further innovation in the years to come.”

    Bringing the public cloud experience on the premises to free developers to build anywhere

    NetApp offers users a true hybrid multicloud experience with a consistent service consumption model across public clouds and on the premises. Now, customers can simplify effective infrastructure-as-a-service delivery on the premises and deliver new services and applications faster with NetApp Cloud Data Services on NetApp HCI, including:

    • NetApp Kubernetes Service on NetApp HCI

    Provides an automated Kubernetes deployment engine, Application Marketplace, and Application Orchestration, now with NetApp HCI as a deployable region. Customers can meet the demands of the business by automating management complexities and without sacrificing performance for scale limits, freeing developers to move from idea to deployment in record time.

    • Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI

    High-performance persistent storage, delivered through a streamlined and simplified user experience, in all major public clouds, now extended on the premises with NetApp HCI. Now, customers can simplify how they deploy and manage services across their premises and the public cloud in a frictionless, cloudlike consumption experience.

    Manage your data on any of the world’s biggest clouds

    NetApp Cloud Data Services help customers transform their businesses by enabling them to take advantage of cloud innovation with enterprise data services that are consistently delivered across their choice of cloud. New enhancements in NetApp Cloud Data Services announced include:

    • New beta release of Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, along with Microsoft Azure’s announcement last month of Azure NetApp Files, fulfills availability of fully managed, pay-as-you-go data services across your choice of the leading cloud providers.
    • New Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud offers the performance, availability, and data protection capabilities that organizations need to run their business-critical applications in Google Cloud.

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