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    Registration Opens for Southern China Smart Manufacturing Fair 2019

    The 2019 Southern China Manufacturing Fair (SMF 2019) will open on 4-6 December, 2019 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, China. Themed with “The Road to Your Future Factory with 5G”, the Fair will showcase smart manufacturing products and innovations brought by “Industry 4.0”, including Industrial Robotics & Smart Vision, Intelligent Monitoring and Detection, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Logistics & Warehousing Automation, and Integrated Smart Factories Solutions.

    The Fair will introduce “5G Tech Park” and 5G-themed conference this year to drive technological upgrade for the smart manufacturing industry. Visitor registration is open now. Industry professionals can secure free admission to the Fair and may stand a chance to win amazing prizes.

    5G Tech Park – Witness the New Manufacturing Era

    The rapid growth of 5G technologies brings a significant impact to smart manufacturing industries, unleashing the potential for Industrial IoT, Industrial Robotics, and Smart Factories.

    In this context, the Fair introduces a “5G Tech Park” exhibit zone and a “5G Tech Talk” themed conference. Many renowned manufacturers will display cutting-edge 5G technologies and smart manufacturing application solutions to visitors. You will find many big-name exhibitors including:

    China Unicom:

    As the leading enterprise in the 5G application of industrial network, China Unicom will showcase all-rounded, innovative 5G solutions for digital factories.


    The 5G wireless transmission technology developed by Beckhoff and Huawei X-labs will display how smart and industrial automation equipment conduct real-time data transmission and system control. It will also demonstrate the application scenario of how the future industry 4.0 will use wireless technologies to realize real-time monitoring.

    Eagle Eye Online

    Eagle Eye Online is a smart equipment manufacturer focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision technologies. The exhibitor will introduce the benefits of 5G application on machine vision solutions.

    To learn more, visit:


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