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    Reducing Thickness of Electronic Components to Boost Growth of Dicing Tapes Market

    In terms of revenue, the global dicing tapes market is projected to expand at a CAGR of ~6% during the forecast period (2019 -2027), due to several factors, about which, study offers detailed insights and forecasts in the dicing tapes market report.

    The demand for printed circuit boards, integrate circuits (ICs) and other electronic components is high. This can be attributed to end users who consume high-performance compact circuits for various electronic gadgets. Dicing tape finds application in the electronics industry for fixing a piece of work during the dicing process, in the manufacturing of semiconductors & other electronics equipment. This, in turn, is increasing the need for dicing tape across the world. This tape finds application in a wide variety of applications, including silicon and GaAs semiconductors, encapsulated package substrates, glass, ceramics, and crystals. Dicing tape is crucial for the full-cut dicing of wafers to improve die quality.

    Dicing Tapes Market: Application in Glass Wafers to Provide High Accuracy Cutting

    Technological advancements and high demand for aesthetically thin electronic products have led to the reduction in wafer thickness. Wafer processing companies prefer materials with high adhesive strength for the dicing process and UV curable tapes. For delicate wafers, it is essential to eliminate negative charges during back-grinding and dicing processes. Currently, common applications of UV dicing tape and non-UV dicing tape are in ICs, EMC package substrates, QFN (quad flat no-leads) & PCBs (printed circuit boards), Si wafers, ceramics, glass, lenses, and others.

    Glass wafers find application in bio ID devices, cell phone cameras, CCD & IR camera windows, and IR cut-off filters, which is increasing at a significant rate. Dicing tape is used during glass wafer dicing processes to reduce damage, shorten process time, and provide high accuracy cutting. Therefore, the dicing tapes market is expected to witness outstanding growth during the forecast period.

    High Sales Accompanied by Outstanding Growth Opportunities in Asia Pacific

    Manufacturers of dicing tape have a strong market presence in China, Taiwan, and Japan. However, these players are expected to expand their presence in other regions too, such as Europe and the Americas, due to the presence of developed manufacturing industries in these regions. With a budding electronics consumables industry, along with advanced technology, China is anticipated to remain at the top in the dicing tapes market.

    Tier 1 manufacturers operating in the industrial electronics industry have sited a sharp increase in demand from South Korea, China, and Taiwan. This will further fuel the growth of the dicing tapes market, globally. Moreover, the size of chips or ICS in electronic devices has reduced due to technological advancements. This is escalating the demand for dicing tape among IC manufacturers. Increasing demand for electronic durables is expected to boost the demand for semiconductors. Wafer dicing tape that is backed with PVC material and synthetic acrylic adhesives has high tear strength and elongation as compared to other tapes. Manufacturers of UV dicing tape are continuously developing new materials with enhanced properties such as high adhesion levels and easy peel-off for clean removal. For instance, raw material suppliers such as Henkel Corporation developed acrylic adhesive materials that decrease rapidly on exposure to UV light.

    Global Dicing Tapes Market: Competition Landscape

    Key company profiles of major participants in the dicing tapes market are incorporated in the report to analyze the recent key developments, product offerings, financials, and strategies adopted to survive in the market. Manufacturers in the dicing tapes market are extending their scope of products and increasing the number of manufacturing facilities.

    Some of the key players operating in the global dicing tapes market are Nitto Denko Corp, Mitsui Chemicals Inc., Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd., AI Technology, Inc., LINTEC Corporation, Denka Company Limited, Ultron Systems, Inc., Pantech Tape Co. Ltd., QES GROUP BERHAD, Nippon Pulse Motor Taiwan, Loadpoint Limited., Daest Coating India Pvt. Ltd., Shenzhen Xinst Technology Co. Ltd, and Solar Plus Company.

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