Redesigned TNC Connectors Offer Higher Performance on Low Loss Cables

Redesigned connectors optimized for Low Loss 195 & 240 cable feature improved grounding features ensuring consistent electrical performance from DC to 6 GHz

Amphenol RF introduced a selection of redesigned TNC connectors optimized for use with Low Loss 195 and 240 cables.  Low Loss cables provide enhanced shielding with a bonded foil construction ensuring 100% coverage.  The connectors feature a nominal impedance of 50 ohms and offer low return loss from DC to 6 GHz.

The new TNC connectors are available in straight jack, bulkhead jack, straight plug and right angle plug configurations. All designs feature a crimp termination, allowing for quick and secure assembly, and require standard hex crimp tooling.  The redesigned TNC connectors provide consistent electrical performance at high frequencies and feature improved grounding for more stable RF performance.

Amphenol RF’s TNC connectors optimized for Low Loss cables are ideal for applications requiring high reliability and low signal loss.  TNC connectors can also be found in various industrial, wireless, and broadband solutions.

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